DIY: Make A Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Box

Guess what? Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Guess what again? Kim from Kim Bloomberg Designs (and my partner in crime) is sharing with you how she made Valentine’s Day Box for her daughter in just 20 minutes. She’s kind of amazing like that. So without further ado, here’s Kim…

My daughter came home from Kindergarten and reminded me that I still haven’t made her Valentine’s Day Box. She said she wanted hers to be a Valentine-eating-girly-monster. I thought to myself, challenge accepted. And I actually manage to make it in just 20 minutes. Here is how I did it…

Step 1: I got a Target box from a delivery and covered almost all of it in wrapping paper. I wrapped it using left-over paper from my daughter’s birthday. So not only am I helping her with her box, I am also saving the planet. Winning.

photo(25) Step 2: I took a piece of broken foam board from a jewelry show and cut it into the shape of teeth. I wanted the monster to be missing some teeth so that she could fit in with the rest of the kindergarten class (heyyooo). I glue gunned them on.



Step 3: I cut off the bottoms of two hearts to make lips. I glued those on, too. Hot glue dries much, much faster. Yes I burned myself, but hey, this is love, right? And love sometimes hurts.

Step 4: I pulled googly eyes from an old art project from her pre-school box (don’t tell her) and hot-glued them onto styrofoam balls
. I didn’t have matching ones, and guess what? The odd sizes worked great! If you don’t have styrofoam, use cotton balls or pom poms or just cut circles from cardboard. Use whatever you already have – especially if you are snowed in for the 20th time this winter.
Step 5: I punctured two holes in the top and stuck these hearts from the dollar store. I bought these three years ago thinking they might come in handy one day, and well, looks like today is that day.
Step 6: A sign is added to feed the box some Valentine’s. Nothing like asking for love!
So there you have it! In just 20 minutes you’ll have a Valentine’s box sure please any kid! She’ll be using this until high school. And be sure to check out Kim Bloomberg Designs – she’s one talented lady!



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