Disneyland…The Happiest (?) Place On Earth…

I just returned from taking my kids to Disney for the first time (it was only my second time ever experiencing a Disney park) and boy was there amazing people watching. I wish I could of taken some pictures to share with you, but even I thought that would be rude (heh, heh). So instead I shall describe the people of Disney…

The Maker-Outers:  What is it about amusement parks that make people feel the need to make out? It’s the most unromantic atmosphere I know of, yet I counted at least three couples in every line that couldn’t stop sucking face. It’s just awkward for everyone.


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Custom Minnie Mouse Disney Autograph Book by Three Paper Tulips


The Parade Route Seat Hoarders: While trying to find a place to sit and watch the Disney Christmas parade with my two young kids, an ADULT woman ran over and nearly pushed me down while yelling, “I was just buying popcorn! Those are my seats…” Chill lady, chill.

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Storybook Cinderella Prestige


The Excessive Wavers: You know them. You may even be them. I in fact became one until I realized what I was doing. There I was, on the Disney train, when I found myself waving at strangers like some sort of lunatic. I can think of no other place where I would randomly start waving at a group of people I don’t know. (This also gives you insight into the fact that I have never participated in any sort of pageant. Obviously.)

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Retro Disney Inspired Cross stitch embroidery by Satsuma Street


The Photo Bomber (Definition: An otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph.): This was quite possibly my most favorite activity at Disney. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a mom coax her four kids into smiling for the camera and then sneaking into the background to make a funny face. By the way, I overheard a mom say to her teenage son, “Look like you’re having fun or I’ll punch you.” Ummmm, what would Mickey say about that?

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Disney Parks New DELUXE R2D2 Mickey Ears Hat

The early arriving, super strategic mom bloggers: OK, I first found out about this subculture while researching Disneyland. There are people out there who plan their entire trip down to the second. And then write about each one of these seconds. I think one of them actually tried to push me over when I took too long taking off my backpack in the inspection line at 7:45 AM. I totally get wanting to maximize time spent at the park, but I personally feel it takes some (all) of the magic out of the day if you’re literally running from ride to ride without taking time to let yourself get sidetracked…

And this, my friends, is a philosophy I live by.


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