Darren only wants to take his medicine out of a shot glass. Discuss.

And you wondered how I keep winning mother-of –the-year awards. Isn’t it obvious?
Actually, I blame this on his uncle because you know I don’t have shot glasses hanging around. Just thinking of a shot makes me tired.
It does sort of make sense though – besides the fact that they’re made of glass and may be contaminated by Jagermeister.
If you do happen to have the energy to take shots:
      (1) I envy you
      (2) I want to be you
      (3) Check out these shot glasses from Shady Grove Pottery
They’ll totally make you feel fancy while downing some Goldschlager.
If you must know, I had to Google the spelling of Jagermeister and Goldschlager, which means I’ll be served up some crazy ads on my computer today.

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