Current Status: Sitting on the Patio Watching the Rain Fall

Today is perfection. Well besides being woken up at 6:00am by three kids. My nephew spent the night last night and let’s just say that three kids + early mornings = very effective birth control.

But I digress. It finally dipped below 90 degrees and the skies have opened up. It’s a great day to chillax on the patio and listen to nature. And that lasted about 5 minutes because tomorrow’s Monday, which means I need to go grocery shopping, run to Target (yet again) and pick up flea meds for my cat (a whole other boring story).

So out in the rain I must go. It’s a good thing that places like Those Alaskan Girls exist so I can look super duper fashionable no matter what the weather. Well at least my feet will look fashionable – the rest of me needs a lot of work.

So check it – these are called slugs – and they’re fleece socks to fashion up your rain boots. The creator is from Alaska so I’m going to guess that these will keep you warm all winter.

I wonder if Bristal Palin has a pair of slugs from Those Alaskan Girls? Actually I don’t, I just wanted to bring up birth control and Bristal in the same post. Patting myself on the back right now.

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