Crazy, Sexy Diet: Days Four & Five

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I survived my first weekend of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse!! I’m clumping days four and five together mostly because they occurred over the weekend, which means I was running around like a crazy person (sort of like the other five days of the week but with less work and more kids).

The craziness of the weekend meant I didn’t have a chance take any food pictures, but there was lots of yummy healthy food, no wine and very little caffeine. And there was TONS of temptations including two dinners out, an Easter egg hunt, brunch with friends, a night out with neighbors, and a trip to the zoo.

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Less potty breaks
  • I need to drink more of my juices
  • I’m actually starting to feel pretty darn good!

How am I feeling at the end of days four and five? Excited that I made it through the weekend! Onward to day six…

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