Crazy Sexy Diet: Day Two

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Ahhhh day two of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse. Hi. Hello. I was feeling pretty good in the morning and not any differently from before I started the cleanse. I haven’t been hungry and finding food to eat has been easy because I’ve been prepared. I do have to say that I’m not a fan of the 30oz. Kickstarter drink that I need to drink every morning. This morning I heated it up on the stove thinking it would taste like tea, but not so much.

Anyhoo I got it down and followed it with another half-caffeinated coffee with no cream or sugar. Brag. I literally had to explain to the Barista why I was changing my order because she seemed concerned.

One big thing

I realized this morning is that my blender isn’t cutting it (pun intended) on the smoothie front so it’s time for me to invest in a juicer. Luckily there are a couple of pages on juicers in Crazy Sexy Diet, which helped me. And of course I annoyed everyone I know asking their opinions. Here are my top contenders. Stay tuned to this cliff hanger to find out what I bought.

Champion Juicer


Nutri Bullet

Magic Bullet

Around 4PM today I started getting really, really lethargic and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Unfortunately my children were not on-board for that as an afternoon activity so I opted for turning on a movie for them while I ‘rested with my eyes closed’ ahem. After my eyes were done resting, I had the energy to cook sliced tofu in some olive oil with a side of cleanse approved Tabbouleh. It was super yummo.

crazy sexy diet, kristin carr, etsy

Things I’ve noticed today:

  • Lots of potty breaks
  • I need to drink more of my juices
  • Sitting in a room full of coworkers eating Mexican food for lunch is maddening
  • Cutting down on caffeine is no bueno

How am I feeling at the end of day two? Tired and headache-y but not hungry. Onward to day three (which I hear is the hardest)…

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