Crazy Sexy Diet: Day Two

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Ahhhh day two of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse. Hi. Hello. I was feeling pretty good in the morning and not any differently from before I started the cleanse. I haven’t been hungry and finding food to eat has been easy because I’ve been prepared. I do have to say that I’m not a fan of the 30oz. Kickstarter drink that I need to drink every morning. This morning I heated it up on the stove thinking it would taste like tea, but not so much.

Anyhoo I got it down and followed it with another half-caffeinated coffee with no cream or sugar. Brag. I literally had to explain to the Barista why I was changing my order because she seemed concerned.

One big thing

I realized this morning is that my blender isn’t cutting it (pun intended) on the smoothie front so it’s time for me to invest in a juicer. Luckily there are a couple of pages on juicers in Crazy Sexy Diet, which helped me. And of course I annoyed everyone I know asking their opinions. Here are my top contenders. Stay tuned to this cliff hanger to find out what I bought.

Champion Juicer


Nutri Bullet

Magic Bullet

Around 4PM today I started getting really, really lethargic and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Unfortunately my children were not on-board for that as an afternoon activity so I opted for turning on a movie for them while I ‘rested with my eyes closed’ ahem. After my eyes were done resting, I had the energy to cook sliced tofu in some olive oil with a side of cleanse approved Tabbouleh. It was super yummo.

crazy sexy diet, kristin carr, etsy

Things I’ve noticed today:

  • Lots of potty breaks
  • I need to drink more of my juices
  • Sitting in a room full of coworkers eating Mexican food for lunch is maddening
  • Cutting down on caffeine is no bueno

How am I feeling at the end of day two? Tired and headache-y but not hungry. Onward to day three (which I hear is the hardest)…

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5 thoughts on “Crazy Sexy Diet: Day Two”

  • Some unasked for tips… don’t buy the Magic Bullet. The NutriBullet is WAY better, but it’s still a smoothie maker and not a juicer. For a juicer, I love my Breville and got it on Amazon for around $140ish. Also, don’t heat your juices… sounds like you won’t because they are gross but the heat will also kill those enzymes that are so important. I’m glad you’re doing the cleanse after all! I was just thinking I should email you and ask if you wanted to do it with me!!! I could use someone to be miserable with me. 🙂

  • THANK you for the tips. I’m seriously so clueless and need something ASAP. When are you starting? Misery loves company 🙂

    • I’ve been doing an unstructured cleanse since my not so fantastic news this week, but I want to start this in particular after Easter is over… so Monday. I don’t think it’s much different than what I’ve been doing but it’s nice to have a plan to follow sometimes. Also, there are two price points on the NutriBullet. If you get that, splurge for the more expensive one. Get one of those 20% coupons for Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it really cuts down the price. I think they are around $150 full price.

  • I just ordered the Breville for the juicer and am going to pick up the NutriBullet for the smoothies today. THANK YOU!

    • You will love them both. I use them daily. Best money I ever spent on kitchen stuff… maybe on anything. How’s it going so far? I have been reviewing it before I start tomorrow. It’s not far off from what I’m already doing so I feel pretty ready to go. I previously have been eating some gluten so I’m curious to see how I feel totally removing it.

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