Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse: Day One

So what is today? The day I began the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse.  I actually think the title is pretty misleading because it’s not meant to be a diet and it’s not a cleanse in the sense that you only drink crazy stuff for three weeks. Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse by Kris Carr is not a book about how to lose weight, it’s a book about how to eat. Yes, some lose weight during the 21 days, but that’s not the end all goal of the book or the cleanse.

Let me explain what Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet is all about.

The point of it is to remove acidifying foods from your body so that you create an environment that makes it impossible for free radicals to survive. Eh? In summary, you’re cleaning yourself. One thing that piqued my interest about this cleanse is that you’re not starving yourself or fasting (don’t take away my food!)

Kris Carr’s, the author and cancer survivor, main points are to greatly reduce, or eliminate, your consumption of animal products and gluten, eat less sugar, and munch on lots of vegetables. Because Carr is a realist, she knows that everyone is going to slip. And that’s OK because that’s life. You don’t need to cut anything out of your life completely, but stick with mostly veggies and you will do just fine. Being a vegetarian already, I truly believe this is something I can handle.
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Reasons Why I’m Trying The Cleanse:

(1) Test out the theory that eating gluten (excessively) is why I have a jiggly belly

(2) Better skin (you put the lotion on the skin)

(3) More energy

(4) Try out new recipes

(4) Challenge myself with something I’ve never done before

Day One: I easily started the day with eight ounces of water during my morning workout (Crossfit). Of course things then started getting tricky because I had a meeting at Starbucks (Ummm…no caffeine, sugar or dairy on the cleanse) but knowing that I have to ease into this situation of no caffeine, I ordered a half-caffeinated drink and put nothing in it. Not too bad. So here’s where I ran into an issue, I have to drink this KickStart drink in the morning before eating anything and it’s a whopping 30(ish) ounces. At this point I’ve already had water and coffee and it’s not even 9:30AM. But I did it. Woop!

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One of my coworkers brought in donuts today. Jerk.

My stomach started grumbling around 10:30AM so I had a snack and it was super yummy. The growling started again around noon so I took out the container of grilled veggies that I had brought from home only to discover it was actually a container of chicken for my children. FAIL. Big, fat fail.

A coworker felt pity on me (due to my awkward yelling at a container of chicken) and gave me a huge orange to hold me over (for about 5 minutes). As soon as I got home at 2:30PM I shoved my face full of a peanut bar slice of heaven that is approved for this cleanse and I immediately felt better (I’ve never met a peanut I didn’t get along with ;).

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Currently inside my refrigerator…

Dinner was super easy for me because I had leftover sweet potatoes and roasted veggies from the night before (yes, the veggies I didn’t get to eat for lunch).

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Lots of potty breaks
  • Drinking half-caff coffee isn’t so bad
  • Did I mention lots of potty breaks?

How am I feeling at the end of day one? Honestly I’m feeling pretty good. Onward to day two…
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