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What up Day Nine of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse? How you doin’? I’m doing pretty darn good myself (thanks for asking). First of all, I would like to reiterate how much those gluten-free fries tore up my stomach last night. I’m completely amazed about how quickly my body adapted to eating healthy vs. unhealthy.  Even though those fries were cleanse-approved, let’s just say I learned my lesson.

This morning I went to Crossfit and had another great work out. I increased the weight of my kettleball swings by 10 pounds (I’m now up to 45 pounds). Even my trainer was impressed. This has never happened so I feel the need to share.

Breakfast was ¼ decaffeinated coffee with some raw oatmeal and fruit, plus lots of water.For lunch I really enjoyed these avacado stuffed zucchini wraps with tomatoes, kale, peppers and olives courtesy of Rabbit Hole Earth Eats (again with lots of water). So good.

crazy sexy diet; 21 day cleanse; etsy

A bunch of the girls in my ‘hood had a night out tonight. First we visited this amazing foot massage place and then headed over to dinner at a Japanese restaurant where I ate veggies (there wasn’t much for me to eat 🙁 and water).

You’re probably wondering if I’ve lost weight during this cleanse thus far. Even though that’s not really what the cleanse is all about, I of course was curious so I weighed myself at the gym this morning. I’m down two pounds (yay)! But more than the number on the scale, I just feel less bloated.

Things I’ve noticed today on the cleanse.

  • The decreased caffeine didn’t affect me at all.
  • My skin is starting to clear up.
  • My body is really getting used to being full from veggies.

How am I feeling at the end of day nine of the cleanse? Amazing. Although I wouldn’t mind a glass of wine.

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2 thoughts on “CRAZY SEXY DIET: DAY NINE”

  • I do clean eating as much as I can but I was wondering exactly what raw oatmeal is. Just fyi, avocado is with an ‘o’ in the middle.

  • I feel really good too! Day 6 for me and I’m down 4 lbs! Surely some water weight, but I’ll take it. I plan to leave out the gluten for good… I have way more energy.

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