THROWBACK THURSDAY: I’m thinking I have to try foot binding.

Yep, it’s already Thursday. The eve of Friday. One of the most awesome times of the week. My kids are still at Camp Grandma and Poppa, while we’re back at home being wild and crazy. Last night I cleaned out and organized the toy room. […]

21 Day Cleanse: The Dramatic Conclusion!

  Helloooo everyone. You may (or may not) have noticed that I stopped posting about the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse about a week ago. Don’t worry, I didn’t quit, I just didn’t have too much to share as far as the day-to-day info. But now […]

CRAZY SEXY DIET: Days 11 & 12

I made it through another weekend on the  Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse (two down and one to go)! In summary I feel awesome and want to share some new websites I’ve been checking out for some inspiration (can we say food porn?!): Oh She Glows […]

Crazy Sexy Diet: Day 10

Double digits people, can you believe it? I’m officially halfway through the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse and I can’t believe how much better I feel. My sugar cravings are pretty much gone! Yesterday, one of Etsy Stalkers’ readers asked me to share the recipe for […]