Is it weird that I can’t stop thinking about a purse?

We had friends in town last weekend and went out for dinner. After arriving early, we decided to walk around for a bit and browse in shops. There it was. A green leather satchel. It was like butter. Green, beautiful, delicious butter. Even though I […]

My vet accidentally had the death of the wrong pet in our file. That was awkward.

Remember how we had a cat named Chloe and a dog named Chloe? And remember how our dog passed away last month? No? Maybe that’s why I didn’t receive any sympathy cards from you. Rude. Anyhoo, I ran into our vet’s office yesterday to pick […]

Why is it that my life seems like a comedy of errors?

Yesterday while I was at the gym (bragging), there was a girl on one side of me clapping loudly to her music and a guy on the side of me playing air guitar. This is a true story people. You can’t make this stuff up. […]

Hellloooo Friday. Come to mama.

Golly gee, I’m so happy it’s Friday. The weekend has finally arrived and with it comes sunshine, swimming, margaritas, and a visit from my father-in-law (otherwise known as my baby’s daddy daddy). Of course I need a new bag to bring to the pool, which […]

You probably shouldn’t wait for a Groupon-like deal to get tested for an STD. Just sayin’.

So this was in my email inbox this morning, “Get STD testing $39 for $183 value Completely Discreet & Confidential STD Testing at LabTestMD (78% Savings).” Ummm, seriously people? There are so many things wrong with this deal. In order to erase the image of […]