My Email Exchange With State Farm About Jake. Jake From State Farm.


With Halloween around the corner(ish) there’s been an ample amount of conversation about costumes with my kids. My 4 year old has adamantly decided that she wants to be Jake, Jake from State Farm this year—not a princess, ballerina or Frozen character. She wants to be Jake wearing khakis and a red State Farm polo (this gives all of you a little insight into my daily life). And to get into character she now has us calling her Jake throughout the day. It’s going to be a loooong 6 weeks until Halloween.
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Of course, I love how independent and clever my baby girl is and will do anything to support her dream of becoming Jake. So yesterday I did what any mom would do and I went straight to the source. The following email exchange occurred between State Farm and myself. You can’t make this stuff up.

From: Julie
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 2:04 PM
To: Orders
Subject: State Farm shirt


My hilarious 4-year-old daughter wants to be “Jake from State Farm” for Halloween. I can’t find any red State Farm Polos for kids on your website. Is this something I can order? Thanks!

From: Orders <>
To: Julie
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 2:53 PM
Subject: RE: State Farm shirt


I’m sorry that we do not carry children’s polos on the site.  We could get it through a special order but there are minimum quantity requirements for special orders.  If this is something you are interested in, please let me know and I can forward your e-mail on.
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The Corporate Shop


From: Julie
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 3:08 PM
To: Orders
Subject: Re: State Farm shirt

Thanks for responding. We only need one though. Do you sell iron-on logos by any chance?

No, we don’t.  I’m sorry.



Do any of you out there have any ideas?

Red polo shirt is a must
Red polo shirt is a must
And of course she’ll need khakis

Throw Back Thursday: I saw a teenager waiting for the school bus today and it scared me.

Yep, it’s already Thursday. The eve of Friday. One of the most awesome times of the week. This week I’m bringing you waaaayyy back to 2012. I find this post pretty ironic as I just finished back-to-school shopping with my kids. This year my daughter discovered that store Justice, which means she’s five going on 15 years old. Just walking into that store gave me a headache (similar to the headache I get when walking into Bath & Body Works). But at least her clothes match, which is probably what the mom of the teenage son featured in the post below said. Oy vey.
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friday eve, etsy, throw back thursday

I saw a teenager waiting for the school bus today and it scared me.

No really, I didn’t want to make eye contact with him because I was a tad freaked out by his appearance. Darren even asked me if the guy was a statue (no joke). Ummm no, apparently that’s going to be you in 10 years. Is this what I have to look forward to with my kids? Don’t they just stay cute, dress in clothes that I’ve approved and go to over-priced kid hair salons? After seeing this kid, I’m assuming not.

Since I now realize that the control I have over my kids is limited, I’m going to force them to wear cute cloths from Gymboree, Tea Collection and Sewn Natural until they fight back. And then I’ll just ground them.




And then I’ll really, really ground them if I find out they’re sneaking out from the first grounding. Ugh, even I can’t take my parenting skills seriously.




Two weeks as a stay-at-home-mom = a one-way ticket to the Looney bin.

First I have to say ‘hats off’ to all of you stay at home moms out there. I literally don’t know how you do it. Why am I bringing this up? Because I had this grandiose idea that taking the last two weeks of summer off would be an amazing way to usher in the school year with the ki ds. In my mind: The kids would swim away the days and fall into bed at night happy and exhausted. In reality: It’s the end of the summer. The kids are sick of the pool. And they hate sleeping.   Birthday Printable Party, Frog Prince Paperie, etsy blog, ds. In my mind: The kids would swim away the days and fall into bed at night happy and exhausted. In reality: It’s the end of the summer. The kids are sick of the pool. And they hate sleeping.   Birthday Printable Party, Frog Prince Paperie, etsy blog, In my mind: We’d set up a fun and profitable lemonade stand where we would learn the meaning of earning a dollar. In reality: I set up the stand and then I had to persuade the kids to sell the lemonade. At one point I resorted to showing some leg to get people to stop. Probably not the best lesson to teach my kids.
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Harry Potter Paperback Box Set, etsy blog,,, summer reading
Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

In my mind: We’d finish summer reading off strong by reading the first Harry Potter book together. First I would read a page and then my son, etc. In reality: My son hid the book after the second day and now we can’t find it.     In my mind: The two weeks would fly by. In reality: I’m thinking of dropping my kids off at school 5 days early. So as the summer winds down, I realize that all of you moms that stay at home with your kids all summer are not only special but deserve to throw a kegger when you put your kids on the bus in the upcoming weeks. Please, please, please invite me.

Throw Back Thursday: Back to school = Mixing the pot of crazy

Yep, it’s already Thursday. The eve of Friday. One of the most awesome times of the week. This week I’m bringing you waaaayyy back to back-to-school time circa 2013. And in case you’re scrambling for back-to-school shopping like yours truly, check out my must-haves that can all be purchased from the comfort of your couch (where I know you’re currently sitting).
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friday eve, etsy, throw back thursday

Back to school = Mixing the pot of crazy

I’m super excited that my kids are back on a schedule with school this week. But along with first days come jitters, pencil sharpening and balancing schedules. And that doesn’t even refer to the kids. Honestly I feel like a total mess trying to keep up with everything involved in a new school year.

Super mom, back to school ideas, happy organized life, etsy blog, study planner

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Here are the things I’m currently stressing about:

(1) Making lunches. I MUST start the year off strong. But I’m weak and will most likely give up on Bento boxes and turn to the square jello served at the cafeteria by the end of the month.

(2) Getting to all of the Meet and Greets. There are about 1,000 of them. How many people can one person possibly meet and greet?

(3) Convincing my kids its not appropriate to dress in torn and stained summer t-shirts.

(4) Making a good impression on teachers. I want to appear helpful, approachable and involved while not looking like the overbearing and need to know everything mom that I really am. It’s a fine line people. Luckily I’m OK with bribing, which is why both of my children’s teachers will be receiving a morning mug.

(5) Extracurricular activities. Spanish club? Tennis? Tackle football? Chess? Boy Scouts? When I was in 1st grade I remember coming home from school and playing outside with dirt and sticks. And no, I didn’t grow up in a cave.

To stay on top of it all, this year I plan on writing everything down (novel idea) on one of these Super Mom Planners from Happy Organized Life. I feel less stressed just looking at these. One question though, do you think these planners come with a personal assistant who actually remembers to write things down?

Super mom, back to school ideas, happy organized life, etsy blog, study planner




Brag, brag, brag. This is me bragging.

My kids ran their first race this weekend and it was freaking awesome. There was yelling and cheering and a lot of  ‘woo-hooing‘. We actually signed them up on a whim with our friend’s kids and as it turns out, our kids are runners:

My daughter ran an 11-minute mile!

My son finished 3rd place for his age group in the 5K!

PR Chalkboard, Race Bib,  Medal Holder, York Sign Shop, etsy blog,
PR Chalkboard Race Bib and Medal Holder

I’m pretty sure I’m about to be one of those moms who lives out her dreams through her kids. Just this morning I found myself Googling ‘running track for 7-year-olds.’ Too much too soon? Nah. I’m pretty sure both my babies will end up in the Olympics (or at least as alternates on the high school track team one day). Bring it!,, New Balance KJ750 Y Running Shoe, etsy blog
New Balance Running Shoe
Running Race Bib & Medal Display, etsy blog,
Running Race Bib & Medal Display

My love for summer camp didn’t skip a generation. Thank gawd.

I grew up going to summer camp. I would count down the school days until it arrived because they were my most favorite days of the year. And while my kids have gone to little camps in the past, this is the first year we’ve sent our son to a true traditional outdoor summer camp. Being the shy and somewhat reserved kid that he is, I was super nervous that he would come home miserable and unhappy.  Boy was I wrong to worry. I’ve never seen him so happy (as in he woke me up at 6:45 this morning asking if it’s time go to camp yet.)

Tree Note Cards; Notecards; Personalized Stationery; Summer Camp; Woodlands;  Forest; Camping; Pine Tree; Scouts; etsy blog
Personalized stationary for kids going to overnight camp.

It’s been just a few days and so far he’s: Canoed Climbed a rock wall

Rode a horse

Passed the deep water test

Gone down the water slide a zillion times

Made friends with a kid nicknamed Guacamole (he sounds delicious)

Cooked outdoors (again delicious)

Lost two water bottles (tomorrow he’s learning about the camp lost and found) And so much more to come…; etsy blog;; Deluxe Misting Fan; water bottle fan
Fan + Water bottle = awesomeness

I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited. And you know what makes me the happiest? They tire him out so much during the day that he passes out before 7PM every night (which gives me insight into why my parents sent me to camp every summer). Since I assume many of you are sending your kiddos to some sort of day or overnight camp, I’ve gone ahead and compiled your must-have list to get them, and you, through the summer:

Summer camp message pillow; etsy blog;; pillow for camp
Camp pillow!;; etsy blog; Letters from Camp Mad Libs; summer 2014; summer camp;
Mad Libs never gets old. Ever.
Mabels labels; summer camp; summer camp labels; etsy blog;
I love a good package of labels.
summer camp; Kids Personalized Little Brown Reusable Canvas Lunch; snack bag;  personalized camp bag; etsy blog
Reusable lunch bag


Crazy 8; summer camp; crazy 8 discount code; summer 2014; kids clothes; etsy blog;
Kids need clothes too.
etsy blog; SUMMER CAMP BAG; Drawstring Duffle; Rainbow Colors; Chevron and Polka Dots;; urban creative
Cute summer camp bag.


I peed in my pants. Not really. Well, sort of.

My son played baseball this spring and it was serious. Between practices and games, we were at the fields about three times a week. At first I was annoyed about the schedule, 6:15 weeknight games, eating dinner on the go, chasing my daughter around, etc. But then it happened, I became (drum roll please) a baseball mom.

The excitement can really get to you. One minute you’re at work acting all responsible and business-like,  the next minute you’re sitting in the stands yelling, cheering, sweating and high-fiving with moms that were strangers only a few weeks prior. The best part? My son’s team was good. Like really good. And we made it to the championship game. And oh what a game it was.

There was laughing, cheering, crying, and well possibly some peeing (I can only imagine what the kids were doing in the dugout.) In the end, we lost the championship game, but it was such a great experience that taught my son (and me) that fun can come when you’re least expecting it. Now that baseball season is over and the last day of school is in sight, it’s finally time to concentrate on how totally unprepared I am for SUMMER. In my newly found free time, I stumbled upon all of these awesome items. Enjoy…

Fun Monogrammed Totes, Lightweight Tote , Beach Bag, Pool Bag, etsy,
Monogrammed Tote | $20,, Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade
Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade | $41.79

Beach towel, Mural Max Etsy,, summer 2014
Personalized Beach Towel | $48,, Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket, etsy
Life Jacket | $14.99

Last inning, down by one point, two outs and two boys on base…

“D.S (my son) is up to bat.”

Heart attack.
Stomach ache.
Pitcher throws.
D.S misses.
Cheering gets louder!
Pitcher throws.
D.S. misses.
The crowd is on their feet.
I am hiding my eyes.
Pitcher throws.
D.S. hits the ball.
The crowd goes wild!
D.S. runs as fast as his little legs will take him but gets tagged at first base.
Game over.
D.S., “What’s for dinner?”

I tried to bribe a scout during baseball evaluations this weekend. True Story.

baseball; summer 2014; spring training; little league tryouts; etsy blog;

What? It’s the league’s fault. I mean how was I supposed to know that baseball tryouts in first grade were so freaking serious. There were scouters, coaches and clipboards. It was the most stressed I’ve been in a while (Especially because my son hadn’t actually picked up a baseball bat since last spring. Ooops.)

So I did what any of you would do, I offered a good old-fashioned bribe. Unfortunately, the scout I talked to happened to be an upstanding citizen. Rude. How’s a mom supposed to advocate for her son anymore?

Assuming my son gets drafted (yes there’s an actual draft for first graders), I’m totally buying him a personalized baseball bat.

Etsy blog, personalized groomsmen gift, engraved flask,, personalized baseball bat, little league draft

 And I’m buying his coach a flask:

Etsy blog, personalized groomsmen gift, engraved flask,, personalized baseball bat, little league draft By the way, the only reason my son actually wants to play baseball this spring is, “for the trophy.”  So that totally makes all the schlepping to and from practices and games worthwhile.

Need to stock up on little league essentials for your own baseball star? Check these out: Rawlings Players Series 10.5-inch Youth Baseball Glove, Etsy blog
Rawlings Players Series 10.5-inch Youth Baseball Glove, Rawlings Coolflo Metallic Batting Helmet, Etsy Blog
Rawlings Coolflo Metallic Batting Helmet, Easton Jbb13S1 S1 Composite-12 Youth Baseball Bat, Etsy Blog
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New Balance YB3000 Baseball Cleat