What up Easter. How you doing?

So our Heb-ster Egg hunt was successful. The kids hunted, gathered and ate obscene amounts of candy and then washed it down with Kosher-for-Passover muffins. Now that’s my kind of equal-opportunity Saturday. You know what else I like to do on Saturdays (hint, it’s not […]

My name is Etsy Stalkers and I’m addicted to United States of Tara.

There, I said it. I love United States of Tara. Everyday I thank the higher powers (otherwise known as the executives at Showtime) for writing and creating such an awesome cast of characters. Showtime and I are pretty much a perfect pair. Just like peanut […]

All in Favor of Exercise Say “I”. Crickets. I hear nothing people.

Even I didn’t say “I”. It’s not that I’m technically opposed to exercise, I just don’t have time for it. But I used to. Little known fact about this etsy stalker – I ran a half-marathon two years ago. And loved it. And yes, I’m […]

Hand Over The Jewels And No One Gets Hurt

Hand Over The Jewels And No One Gets Hurt

Soooooo, if I ask my husband really, really nicely, do you think he’ll buy me one of these amazing pieces of jewelry? I may even do the laundry AND cook him dinner if it will help the cause (emphasis on ‘may’). It’s too bad I […]