What up Easter. How you doing?

So our Heb-ster Egg hunt was successful. The kids hunted, gathered and ate obscene amounts of candy and then washed it down with Kosher-for-Passover muffins. Now that’s my kind of equal-opportunity Saturday.

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You know what else I like to do on Saturdays (hint, it’s not exercise)? It’s shopping. And while shopping, I found the prettiest jewelry of all time at Friedasophie Jewelry Design. Do you think I can convince the hubby that I deserve a Heb-ster present? No?

easter; etsy blog; frieda sophie; etsy; handmade jewelry

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Hey, I may not be good at exercising consistently (or showering consistently for that matter), but hear this, I am good at sharing awesome Etsy finds. And you my imaginary internet friends, are welcome.

My name is Etsy Stalkers and I’m addicted to United States of Tara.

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There, I said it. I love United States of Tara. Everyday I thank the higher powers (otherwise known as the executives at Showtime) for writing and creating such an awesome cast of characters.

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Showtime and I are pretty much a perfect pair. Just like peanut butter & jelly, gin & tonics and Snakes on a Plane (wait, what?) that movie sucked. What’s my point? No point really. Except that I just found my perfect pair when I stumbled upon Deborah Dumka.

Felt Bangle, elt Necklace, Lampwork Glass Bead, United States of Tara, etsy blog, etsystalkers.com

I mean hellooo? I want these bracelets. I need them. I literally can not live with out them. OK so maybe I can, but I’ll just pretend like I can’t in the hopes that someone will buy it for me. I don’t want to sound presumptuous or anything, but I might just be the next Oscar winner. Or not. Whatever. While I’m sending demands out into the world of what I need, here’s a few more things:

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Adorable home decorations
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Awesome Jewelry
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A new pair of these cute shoes


All in Favor of Exercise Say “I”. Crickets. I hear nothing people.

Even I didn’t say “I”. It’s not that I’m technically opposed to exercise, I just don’t have time for it. But I used to. Little known fact about this etsy stalker – I ran a half-marathon two years ago. And loved it. And yes, I’m bragging.

While I’m not one of those people that put 13.1 bumper stickers on my car (or any bumper sticker for that matter), I was pretty proud of myself. So when I stumbled upon Jessica’s Gifts, I thought ooh-la-la. I wouldn’t mind one of these.

Best of all, you can order for race – no matter how big or small. Remember, size doesn’t matter. Or just lie about running. It’s not like Jessica’s Gifts is checking your references.

And check out this clever little thinga-ma-bob. Jessica’s Gifts will even print your phone number to attach to your shoe in case of an emergency. Which of course reminds me of a funny story during my training. One day during a long run, I was 7 miles away from home and overheated. So I actually hopped in a cab and got a ride home. True story.

And for those of you looking for a half-marathon to run, check out www.halfmarathons.net.

Hand Over The Jewels And No One Gets Hurt

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Soooooo, if I ask my husband really, really nicely, do you think he’ll buy me one of these amazing pieces of jewelry? I may even do the laundry AND cook him dinner if it will help the cause (emphasis on ‘may’).

Dana ruth designs, etsy blog, etsy jewelry, etsy.com

It’s too bad I only have 10 fingers. I’m thinking it’s probably time to bring toe rings back into style. All in favor raise your foot and say ‘Toes!’

It’s time to start shopping – for me. Seriously. Wipe that smirk off your face and go buy me something at Dana Ruth Designs.

Dana ruth designs, etsy blog, etsy jewelry, etsy.com