Rad Jewelry With Even Radder Prices.

Radder is a word, right? Let’s go with it (I’ll add it into Wikipedia just to make it official).

hatch jewelry; mother's day gifts; etsystalkers.com; mother's day

Anyhoooo, I recently learned about Hatch Jewelry and I had to share. It was created out of passion for exceptional design and establishing  emerging independent jewelry designers. More than just a shopping destination, Hatch Jewelry is a place to connect, learn and participate in the process of bringing unique, contemporary jewelry to market. And now you can get $30 Off for Easter plus free shipping with code EGG30!

You have to check out Hatch because you can read about the designers and where they find their inspiration, etc. I literally love everything, but narrowed it down to just a few of my favorites below.

Susan Domelsmith; branch ring, hatch jewelry; handmade jewelry;  mother's day; mother's day gifts
Branch Ring | $42

Get $30 Off for Easter plus free shipping with code EGG30!

ChristineHuber; prism cuff bracelet; hatch jewelry; etsystalkers.com;  mother's day; mother's day gifts

Prism Cuff Bracelet | $132

Get $30 Off for Easter plus free shipping with code EGG30!

JoannaBengoa; etsystalkers.com; message cap necklace; hatch jewelry;  mother's day; mother's day gifts
Message Cap Necklace | $160


JaclynMyer; etsystalkers.com;  Annabelle Bracelet;  mother's day; mother's day gifts
Annabelle Bracelet | $92

Get $30 Off for Easter plus free shipping with code EGG30!

It’s Giveaway Time!

It’s been a little while since we’ve held a giveaway and I’m super excited that this one is so awesome. I would like for you to meet Samantha from Metal. Stone. Earth. You can call her Sam. Actually I just made that up so stick with Samantha.

etsy giveaway; Red Bamboo Coral Bib Necklace; jewelry giveaway; etsystalkers.com

Anyhoo, Sammi sent me one of her GORGEOUS necklaces last week and I haven’t taken it off since. She actually travels around the world for inspiration and stones and then turns her findings into pieces of jewelry. So yes, she’s way cooler than me.

etsy giveaway; Silver Kelp Root Bracelet;

And now one of you luckies will win a $40 credit to use at Metal. Stone. Earth.a Rafflecopter giveaway

I went camping. In a cave. With 20 cub scouts. And my four-year old daughter.

True story people. True freaking story. You really haven’t lived until you’ve slept in dirt with people you don’t know while falling asleep to the sweet sounds of random snores echoing throughout the night.

neatothings; Natural rock crystal points druzy type titanium; etsystalkers.com

The whole experience actually turned out to be really fun(ny)—even my daughter LOVED it. Now both of my kids want to live in a cave. I would be all for it if I didn’t have to live there with them. They both agreed that their favorite cave activity, beside sleeping in dirt, was looking for crystals (which were actually just shiny rocks in the cave). If you, in fact, are searching for crystals (or beads) and have no interest in hunting for them in a cave, head on over to NeatOThings, where you can buy them in bulk.

neatothings; Blue lace agate PREMIUM QUALITY faceted flat square; etsystalkers.com

And if you’re interested in making something out of these crystals, I highly suggest taking one of these fabulous jewelry making classes on Craftsy.com:
Jewelry Workshop: Bead, Wrap, Chain & Etch; etsystalkers.com; craftsy.com

Vote for Kim Bloomberg Designs To Win The FedEX Small Business Grant Contest!!!

I am so super proud of one of my favorite Etsy shops (who happens to be one of my favorite friends) for being selected for the FedEX Small Business Grant contest!! Not only does she make amazing and truly unique jewelry, she’s also a gracious and kind person.  Need proof? Check out her answer on the contest page:

Q: How would you use the FedEx SMB Grant money to make a significant impact on your business and/or on others?

A: My hope is that I can hire women who need to learn a trade and teach them to become skilled crafts-people — whether it be immigrants, mothers re-entering the workforce or women with special needs. I would like the FedEx Small Business Grant money to help pay these women to make jewelry under my supervision. I would also utilize the money to increase and improve my marketing, branding, web presence and to build an e-commerce site.

Please help Kim win one of six small business grants from FedEx, including the $25,000 grand prize by voting here!

FedEx Small Business Grant Contest, Kim Bloomber Designs, etsy

il_570xN.436389176_9td5FedEx Small Business Grant Contest, Kim Bloomber Designs, etsy

I out-smarted myself with organization. I blame The Container Store.

So remember how I went to The Container Store last weekend and got myself all organized? Fast forward to this morning when I can’t find a ring and I start blaming my kids for hiding it. Fast forward another 30 minutes later when I found my ring in a newly organized container.

So yeah, I outsmarted myself. It’s a wonder I’m not in Mensa.  Of course now I’m convinced that I should unorganize myself—so I know exactly where everything is.

If you’re actually interested in kicking the year off right, I suggest you check out these from dgordon (and don’t forget to leave post-it notes so you remember where everything is):


etsy blog, peacock feather ceramic ring holder bowl
Peacock feather ceramic ring holder from dgordon
etsy blog, lotus ring holder bowls, shower favors, seconds
Lotus ring holder from dgordon
etsy blog, ceramic sushi set water lily with flower bowl, etsy.com
Ceramic sushi set with flower bowl from dgordon

It’s a (NO) Snow Day in Atlanta. Send Help.

snow flake globe shake necklace gift etsy blog

You should see the media frenzy that builds around the possibility of snow in the South. There’s live coverage from the grocery store where people are stocking up on bread and milk. And of course schools are cancelled for fear of our children catching a cold. But wait for it…there’s no actual snow on the ground. Or in the air for that matter.

snow flake globe shake necklace gift etsy blog
Snow flake globe necklace from What A Novel Idea

It’s true, everything was cancelled because of cold air. And because of that, my kids are now staring out the window all day asking me when they can go sledding. I MUST to distract them. And I’ve decided to do so with one of these awesome snow(ish) globe necklaces from What A Novel Idea. Trust me, this is the only place they’re’re going see snow this winter.

etsy blog_New Year's Gold Glitter Snow Globe Shake Necklace Gift Metallic
Gold Glitter Snow Globe from What A Novel Idea

And for those of you who are experiencing large amounts of snow, here are some ideas to keep you occupied (all available with overnight shipping):

Amazon.com Qwirkle Board Game
Qwirkle Board Game

Amazon.com: Rainbow Loom
Rainbow Loom

Amazon.com Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer 52-Inch Sled
Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer 52-Inch Sled

It’s time for teacher gifts AND A MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY.

etsy blog, kim bloomberg designs, etsy.com
My kids’ teachers have gone so above and beyond this year that I want to really get them special gifts. I truly feel like they’ve made such an impact in Darren and Taylor’s lives (bringing Darren out of his shy shell and stuffing Taylor back inside of hers).
etsy blog
I decided to get them something they’ll always remember from Kim Bloomberg Designs on Etsy. Yes, I’ve featured her shop previously but there’s a reason.  Her jewelry is srsly awesome. And she’s one of my besties. And she’s hosting another giveaway just in time for Mother’s Day!


One of you lucky ladies (or men) will win a $50 credit. But first I highly suggest you head on over here to vote for your favorite piece of jewelry. Goooood luck!

I’ve heard the word poop about 334 times today.

And of course fart.
Darren had a play date over this morning and they were really into poop talk. What is it about boys and their potty words? Here’s the secret formula—replace any word with poop or fart and it’s automatically funny.
And my secret formula for ignoring the potty talk? Purchasing awesome jewelry from The Urban Lady. How could this bracelet not take my mind off a couple of five-year-old boys? Can I get a big round of farts for today’s Etsy find? (Works Every. Single. Time.) And of course, here are some other awesome bracelets for your shopping pleasure 🙂


Amazon.com Betsey Johnson "Blue & Rose Gold Boost" Heart and Bow Faux Leather Bracelet

Amazon.com Trendy Black Leather Wrap Bracelet with Gold Tone Crystal Accented Disks

I almost bought dangly clip-on earrings the other day until I looked in the mirror and felt like a drag queen.

etsy.com purple necklace

I haven’t been able to wear earrings for years and frankly I’m usually fine with it. But sometimes I have earring envy. And then I came upon some ‘hip’ clip-ons. Turns out they weren’t. They made me feel weird. And awkward.

etsy.com, purple necklace, etsy blog, etsy jewlery
If you’re actually fortunate enough to wear earrings, I highly suggest checking out these gems from Frieda Sophie Jewelry. They’re made of gems and they’re gems. Get it?

And now I’m off to re-re pierce my ears.