Rad Jewelry With Even Radder Prices.

Radder is a word, right? Let’s go with it (I’ll add it into Wikipedia just to make it official). Anyhoooo, I recently learned about Hatch Jewelry and I had to share. It was created out of passion for exceptional design and establishing  emerging independent jewelry […]

And the winner is…

  Maren McConnell!!!! Maren wins a $40 credit to Metal. Stone. Earth. I also happen to think she’s a winner because I love her name 🙂

It’s Giveaway Time!

It’s been a little while since we’ve held a giveaway and I’m super excited that this one is so awesome. I would like for you to meet Samantha from Metal. Stone. Earth. You can call her Sam. Actually I just made that up so stick […]

I went camping. In a cave. With 20 cub scouts. And my four-year old daughter.

True story people. True freaking story. You really haven’t lived until you’ve slept in dirt with people you don’t know while falling asleep to the sweet sounds of random snores echoing throughout the night. The whole experience actually turned out to be really fun(ny)—even my […]

Vote for Kim Bloomberg Designs To Win The FedEX Small Business Grant Contest!!!

I am so super proud of one of my favorite Etsy shops (who happens to be one of my favorite friends) for being selected for the FedEX Small Business Grant contest!! Not only does she make amazing and truly unique jewelry, she’s also a gracious […]