Boo! Halloween is almost here. Check out the MOST UN-SEXY ADULT COSTUMES that will arrive in time.

  In a little over a week, kids will be running amock throughout neighborhoods collecting candy (and sugar highs) while their parents chase after them with beers in their hands. At least that’s how it happens in my neighborhood. Some houses even hand out shots […]

DIY: Make A Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Box

Guess what? Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Guess what again? Kim from Kim Bloomberg Designs (and my partner in crime) is sharing with you how she made Valentine’s Day Box for her daughter in just 20 minutes. She’s kind of amazing like that. So without further […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts

You’re in luck! I’ve collected all of my favorite Valentine’s Day posts from the past few years and compiled them into this one mega post. Enjoy! Since everyone loves a Top 10 list, I’ve searched far and wide to bring you Etsy Stalker’s Top 10 […]

I tried to leave a funeral a few minutes early and got stuck behind the hearse where the family was gathered. AWKWARD.

Yes this actually happened to me yesterday. Let me set the scene, I was at the funeral of my dear friend’s father. I had no plans to leave early but it went a little bit long and I knew that I had to get my […]

My Jewish son wrote a letter to Santa and gave it to his Christian uncle. You know, because all Christians know each other.

First of all, let me just say how sweet it is that my son wrote the letter. He wouldn’t actually let me read it, but I do know that he included our address just in case Santa doesn’t know the addresses of all the Jewish […]