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I just read “Not a Cracker” on my to-do list instead of “Nutcracker”.

And yes I was the one who wrote my to-do list. Like an hour ago. I should add “writing lessons” to my list (but I may not be able to decipher it). And maybe I should eat some crackers because I’m starving and I obviously want them.

Kurt Adler 16-Inch Wooden and Polyresin Gingerbread Nutcracker

Wooden and Polyresin Gingerbread Nutcracker $37.99

For the past three years we’ve taken our children to see The Nutcracker and then they each get to pick out a nutcracker from the gift shop to remember their day. We then we make them put their over-priced crackers on a high shelf and threaten them not to play with them or they’ll break. Yay.

This year I’ve decided to embrace the concept Experiences > Things. So instead of random Hanukkah gifts that they’ll only play with for a few hours, we’re taking them to The Nutcracker, buying the excessively expensive nutcrackers that they’ll get in trouble for playing with and then spending the night in a hotel for the perfect staycation.

Mother of the year, right?? Yes? Now where can I find me some crackers?

Nutcracker Sugar Cookies from Sugar Me Desserterie

Nutcracker Sugar Cookies from Sugar Me Desserterie

Valentine’s Day…Let’s Do This.

Is it wrong that all I want for Valentine’s Day is to have my face peeled off? Seriously people, there’s no better way to say ‘I Love You,’ than to give your loved one a chemical peel (performed by a licensed esthetician of course). P.S. My husband thinks I’m insane (per usual).

I’m assuming not all of you want your face peeled off on the day of love…maybe just half of you? No? Well if you don’t, you’re probably searching high and low for gifts (and making your own list too). So without further ado, I bring to you Etsy Stalkers’ 2015 Top 10 Must-Haves For Valentine’s Day:

 For the fiery little girl in your world:

toddler dress, valentines day, etsy valentines, retro ribbon dress, etsy blog,

Retro Ribbin and lace Red heart dress | $46










For your naked, yearning neck:

udith Ripka "Linen" Silver Twin Heart Necklace, etsy blog,, valentine's day

Judith Ripka “Linen” Silver Twin Heart Necklace | $250








For the post-it note organizer in your life (OMG…love me a new pack of post-it notes):  

oh dier living etsy, sticky note organizer, desktop organizer, desk caddy, pen holder, etsy blog,

Makin it Rain Sticky Note Organizier | $20









For your puppy-lovin’, chocolate-eatin’ kids:

Puppy Love Valentine's Day Basket, Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets, etsy blog,

Puppy Love Valentine’s Day Basket | $49









 For the highly-caffeinated love in your life:

happiness in a cup etsy, etsy blog,, Handpainted Valentines Day gift, mug, Heart mug

Hand-painted Heart Mug | $14










For your main hunk (or sports loving lady):

art by sarah rice, etsy blog,, football art, touch down

Original Framed Art | $45








For those that like it hot and personalized:

sora designs etsy, Personalized jewelry, Valentines gift anniversary date initial necklace , bridal necklace Heart jewelry bridal locket mother day gift

Personalized Love Locket | $25










For those that like it cold and covered:

Nirvanna Designs SC07 Flower Crochet Multi Color Scarf,,, etsy blog

Flower Crochet Multi Color Scarf | $36









For the purse loverrrrrr in your life (AKA everyone, ever):

Little Bright Studio etsy, Waxed Canvas Bag, etsy blog,

Waxed Canvas Bag |$145








For those of you out on the prowl this Valentine’s Day…call me (rawwwrrrr):

iPhone 6 Case, etsy blog,, ESR the Beat Series Protective Case

Adorable iPhone 6 Case | $9.99

Etsy Stalkers’ Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2014!!

The holidays are almost here and I haven’t bought one single gift yet. Has anyone?  Seriously people, that’s not a rhetorical question. I’m really wondering if you’ve started shopping yet.

Never fear, Etsy Stalkers is here to help you shop and decorator the holidays. I hope you enjoy these items as much as I have loved shopping for them. 









Gifts for your man (or any man). Men are so freaking hard to shop for. I’ve never experienced one holiday or birthday where I’ve been all I have the perfect gift idea for Gary. It just doesn’t happen. Until now. I’ve searched high and low for unique gifts that any man will love. I think.

You're My Favorite Husband, holiday card, gifts for him, Julie Ann Art

You’re My Favorite Husband Card

STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set,

STANLEY Mixed Tool Set

iPhone Speaker, Wooden iPhone Speaker, Wood iPhone Speaker, Acoustic iPhone Speaker, Passive iPhone Speaker, iPhone Dock, Victory Crafts

Wood iPhone Speaker


Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent, Wenzel Klondike,

Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent

Men's Leather wallet, Men's Wallet, Thin Leather Wallet, Minimal Leather Wallet, Mr Lenz

Thin Leather Wallet







Gifts for the ladies (or you). Two for me, one for you—that’s pretty much how all of my holiday shopping ends up going.  So while these gifts are perfect for any woman, they all happen to be just what I want as well. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

The New Fitbit Charge

The New Fitbit Charge








Kim Bloomberg Designs, Green onyx Green amethyst gold kelly green and emerald green and light green statement necklace,

Green Onyx Statement Necklace








Pillow Cover, Abstract Art Pillow, Throw Pillow, 16x16 Pillow Decorative, Pink Coral Pillow, Stripes Pillow, Home Decor, Menina Lisboa

Amazing Large Pillow







Children's Silhouette Necklace, Personalized Cameo Pendant, Children's Silhouette, Once Again Sam

Children’s Silhouette Necklace







Gifts for your kids. Let’s face it, kids are ALL about the gifts. I don’t care if you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or nothing at all, children love to rip open presents.

Hand Embroidery Initial necklace, Letter Pendant, etsy blog, the merriweather council

Hand Embroidery Initial necklace

My First Disney Princess Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll,
My First Disney Princess Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll













She believed she could so she did mini pillow, etsy blog, throw pillow, Ms Spanner

She believed she could so she did mini pillow







Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet, gifts for kids,

Lava Lite,
Lava Lamp
WHITE FLUFFY CLOUD Pillow, Claire Cloud 9, etsy blog, gifts for kids


Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace Playset,
Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace Playset












Personalized gifts: I can’t begin to tell you how many gifts I end up buying for teachers, hostess gifts, myself, etc. and I’m always trying to figure out something unique. And because not all of us are handy with the crafting (ahem), I tend to heavily rely on the creativity of others.

Herringbone Single Initial, personalized blanket, throw blanket, personalized holiday gift, etsy blog,

Personalized Herringbone Throw Blanket.








letter wall art, Fabric Letter in Coral Chevron, Cheekee Monkeez, custom letter,

Custom Letter








Personalized Ornaments Christmas Stocking,

Personalized Ornaments Christmas Stocking








Personalized Custom Family Portrait Ideas, Hand-Painted Wooden, Peg Dolls,  Heirloom Wooden Toy Family portrait, Goose Grease

Personalized Custom Family Heirloom Wooden Toy









Personalized Winter Themed Cookie,

Personalized Winter Themed Cookie







Holiday Cards. Believe it or not, people love receiving mail. Like on real paper. That’s why I gathered the best holiday cards (and a wrapping station) from some of my favorite stationary spots. Whether you like classic Hanukkah/Christmas cards or more contemporary designs, there are literally thousands available. Fortunately I narrowed it down just for you. Thankyouverymuch.

holiday postage stamps, etsy blog,

Adorablz holiday stamps






 Scalloped Frames Christmas Card, holiday cards, etsy blog,

Scalloped Frames Christmas Card









Holiday Card Photo Prop "HO HO HO" 3 Piece Set - Christmas Card Signs - Holiday Christmas Card Prop for Family Photography, ZCreateDesign

Holiday Card Photo Prop







Funny Christmas Card, Gingerbread Holiday Card, etsy blog, Mud Splash Studios

Hilarious Holiday Card







 Wrapped With Craft Holiday Card,

Wrapped With Craft Holiday Card








South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table,

South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table

Entertaining. Want to look like you put way more time and effort into hosting than you actually did?  See below and look like superwoman.

hanukkah-favors,, holiday gift guide,, gelt

I’m loving these Gelt Hanukkah Favor Boxes!








gold garland, christmas decoration,  Paper garland, etsy blog,  TransparentEsDecor

Amazeballs Gold Garland

6 Pc. Santa Suit Christmas Silverware Holders,

6 Pc. Santa Suit Christmas Silverware Holders

Christmas Centerpiece, Holidays, Christmas Decor, Christmas, Holiday Wreath, Christmas, Pinecones, Red Berry Wreaths, Red Christmas Bows, Two Inspire You

Red Berry Wreath








Geometric Wooden Ornament / Hand painted, Christmas Decoration, Flaneurs Pocket

Geometric Wooden Ornament








Balsam Hill, LED Pinecone Trees

LED Pinecone Trees








Teacher gifts. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I should buy my kids’ teachers amazing  holiday gifts. Have you ever spent time in a classroom with 22 kids? It’s not pretty. And somehow they handle it with grace.

I Teach For Three Reasons: June, July and August Wine Tumbler, Teacher Gift,, etsy blog,

I Teach For Three Reasons: June, July and August Wine Tumbler

air plant Terrarium Kit, bird and feather, air plant gift, teacher gift, etsy blog

Air Plant Terrarium Kit

snow flake globe shake necklace gift etsy blog

Snow Flake Globe Necklace

Giclee Fine Art Print, Yellena, teacher gift,

Giclee Fine Art Print








The Best Teacher" Chalkboard Style Printable Digital File, Princess Snap

The Best Teacher” Chalkboard Style Printable Digital File







Pets love gifts too! Ruff. Meow. Argggghh.

Pet Teepee, etsy blog, pet gift, love lane, dog gifts

Dog or Cat Tepee

Christmas Paw Stocking,

Christmas Paw Stocking

Hand Embroidered Custom Cat or Dog Portrait, Customized Pet Picture Hoop Art. Hand Stitched Animal Hoop, Detailed Pet Portrait, Hoopla Stitch

Hand Embroidered Custom Cat or Dog Portrait






Wood Room with a View Pet House,, Pet bed, dog house

Wood Room with a View Pet House

Cat bed, cat cave, cat house, felted wool cat bed, Agnes Felt

OMG. Cutest Cat Bed EVER




Boo! Halloween is almost here. Check out the MOST UN-SEXY ADULT COSTUMES that will arrive in time.

halloween, Shrek Gingerbread Man Costume, etsy blog,

Shrek Gingerbread MAN Costume


In a little over a week, kids will be running amock throughout neighborhoods collecting candy (and sugar highs) while their parents chase after them with beers in their hands. At least that’s how it happens in my neighborhood. Some houses even hand out shots for the over 21-crowd making it the best night of the year (especially because it lands on a Friday this time)!



etsy blog,, halloween,  SNL Garth Algar Wig

Saturday Night Live Garth Algar Wig


And then of course there’s the raiding the kids’ haul after they go to bed situation. I’m doing it for the kids, people. It’s a  sacrifice but I’m up for it.




Etsy blog,, halloween, Rasta Imposta Giraffe Costume

Giraffe Costume


I’ve noticed a lot of talk on Facebook (my main news source) about how the sexy Halloween costumes are now making their way into the Tween markets. Obviously this is totally inappropriate, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s because they see how their parents are dressing. I vote that no adults should dress sexy for Halloween anymore! Down with skin! Up with no appeal!



So with out further ado, I bring to you the most UN-SEXY COSTUMES THAT WILL ARRIVE BY HALLOWEEN:

Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head, halloween, etsy blog,

Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head | AWKWARD

FunWorld Big Top Clown Costume, esty blog,, halloween

FunWorld Big Top Clown Costume

etsy blog,, halloween, Pink Rabbit costume

Pink Rabbit Ridiculousness

etsy blog,, halloween,  Inflatable Ballerina Costume

Inflatable Ballerina Costume | Warning: Some may find this sexy

etsy blog,, halloween,  Mullet on The Go

Mullet on The Go

DIY: Make A Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Box

Guess what? Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Guess what again? Kim from Kim Bloomberg Designs (and my partner in crime) is sharing with you how she made Valentine’s Day Box for her daughter in just 20 minutes. She’s kind of amazing like that. So without further ado, here’s Kim…

My daughter came home from Kindergarten and reminded me that I still haven’t made her Valentine’s Day Box. She said she wanted hers to be a Valentine-eating-girly-monster. I thought to myself, challenge accepted. And I actually manage to make it in just 20 minutes. Here is how I did it…

Step 1: I got a Target box from a delivery and covered almost all of it in wrapping paper. I wrapped it using left-over paper from my daughter’s birthday. So not only am I helping her with her box, I am also saving the planet. Winning.

photo(25) Step 2: I took a piece of broken foam board from a jewelry show and cut it into the shape of teeth. I wanted the monster to be missing some teeth so that she could fit in with the rest of the kindergarten class (heyyooo). I glue gunned them on.



Step 3: I cut off the bottoms of two hearts to make lips. I glued those on, too. Hot glue dries much, much faster. Yes I burned myself, but hey, this is love, right? And love sometimes hurts.

Step 4: I pulled googly eyes from an old art project from her pre-school box (don’t tell her) and hot-glued them onto styrofoam balls
. I didn’t have matching ones, and guess what? The odd sizes worked great! If you don’t have styrofoam, use cotton balls or pom poms or just cut circles from cardboard. Use whatever you already have – especially if you are snowed in for the 20th time this winter.
Step 5: I punctured two holes in the top and stuck these hearts from the dollar store. I bought these three years ago thinking they might come in handy one day, and well, looks like today is that day.
Step 6: A sign is added to feed the box some Valentine’s. Nothing like asking for love!
So there you have it! In just 20 minutes you’ll have a Valentine’s box sure please any kid! She’ll be using this until high school. And be sure to check out Kim Bloomberg Designs – she’s one talented lady!




Valentine’s Day Gifts

You’re in luck! I’ve collected all of my favorite Valentine’s Day posts from the past few years and compiled them into this one mega post. Enjoy!

Since everyone loves a Top 10 list, I’ve searched far and wide to bring you Etsy Stalker’s Top 10 Valentine’s gifts.

Since everyone loves a Top 10 list, I’ve searched far and wide to bring you Etsy Stalker’s Top 10 Valentine’s gifts.

(1) Write your honey (or your imaginary sweetie) an inappropriate love message on this rustic desk chalkboard from Mader Nueve. The best part? You can easily erase any message and write mean things…
Today at the gym a guy said he wasn’t getting his wife a gift for V Day because she probably doesn’t remember it’s today. Ahahahahah.

Today at the gym a guy said he wasn’t getting his wife a gift for V Day because she probably doesn’t remember it’s today. Ahahahahah.

Dude, she’s testing you. Of course she knows today is Valentine’s Day. You can’t walk into a store without it throwing up hearts on you. After laughing in his face, all of the girls corrected his e…
“Papa told me that he took his parent’s car to go buy milk one morning when he was a little kid.” – Darren

“Papa told me that he took his parent’s car to go buy milk one morning when he was a little kid.” – Darren

He ended the story with, “Can I drive to Starbucks if you’re not awake in the morning? Don’t worry because I won’t eat there—I’ll just bring it home in a paper bag.” I’m not sure if he’s a really g…
Happy ‘Julie Friday’ Everyone!

Happy ‘Julie Friday’ Everyone!

What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of this national holiday? At work they call Thursday, Julie Friday, because I’m not in the office on Fridays. I’m sort of a legend in my own mind. And in hon…
My name is Julie. And I don’t share. Like, at all.

My name is Julie. And I don’t share. Like, at all.

Seriously. Never ask me to go out for tapas. I’m going to say no because I hate sharing with people, especially when it comes to my food. And no, I’m not an only child. Thankyouverymuch. My lack of…
Am I hot or not? I’m thinking not.

Am I hot or not? I’m thinking not.

So I walk into Starbucks this morning to get my fix and can’t help but notice a guy checking me out. I think to myself, “Hey, I may be 34, have two kids, no sleep, great hubby, two stinky dogs, and…
“My mom likes her coffee juice”

“My mom likes her coffee juice”

Yesterday I picked up my son and he handed me his art project – a Valentine’s Day card. The assignment? Tell the teacher what you love about mommy. Now, my little guy sort of missed the mark on thi…
Is it Friday yet? Someone? Anyone?

Is it Friday yet? Someone? Anyone?

Oh belly. Why do you hurt me so? It’s Monday – isn’t that punishment enough? Me no feel so good today. And for all of you out there wondering, I am accepting flowers, cards and donations. You know …
If all you need is love, why do most people feel like crap on Valentine’s Day?

If all you need is love, why do most people feel like crap on Valentine’s Day?

So the other day, my 3.5 year old son says to me, “Thanksgiving is over. Hanukkah is over. Christmas is over. What do we do now?” Ummmm, hellooooo, we celebrate the Hallmark holiday Valentine’s Day…
All in favor of eating say I.

All in favor of eating say I. “I.”

Here’s an idea, instead of getting your loved one something he/she/it will never use, get him/her/it something edible. Everyone likes to eat. Unless of course you are stuck wearing headgear all day…
I just witnessed Dr. Ruth giving sex advice on The Doctors. Discuss amongst yourselves.

I just witnessed Dr. Ruth giving sex advice on The Doctors. Discuss amongst yourselves.

I just Googled it and she’s 84 years old. You go girl. I seriously wish all of you were watching this. There were actually diagrams shown. DIAGRAMS PEOPLE.   This is Valentine’s Day programmin…

I tried to leave a funeral a few minutes early and got stuck behind the hearse where the family was gathered. AWKWARD.

Yes this actually happened to me yesterday. Let me set the scene, I was at the funeral of my dear friend’s father. I had no plans to leave early but it went a little bit long and I knew that I had to get my son of the bus, so I walked to my car at the very, very end thinking I would get ahead of the long line of cars.

I got ahead of some cars but then it happened, I get stuck behind the hearse and the limo as the entire family is getting in to leave. People are hugging family members right in front of my car as I just sat there. Waiting. Embarrassed. And then some other friends walked by and started pointing at me and laughing. And then I missed my son’s bus (fortunately a neighbor got him). I’m going to take a mask to my next funeral. You know, to disguise myself if I need to leave early.

ModCloth Trash Course Mask Etsy Blog

ModCloth Trash Course Mask

Santa Beard Prop Wooden Christmas Decor Etsy Blog

Santa Beard Prop Wooden Christmas Decor

Accoutrements Horse Head Mask Etsy Blog

No one will notice me if I wear this, right?

My Jewish son wrote a letter to Santa and gave it to his Christian uncle. You know, because all Christians know each other.

First of all, let me just say how sweet it is that my son wrote the letter. He wouldn’t actually let me read it, but I do know that he included our address just in case Santa doesn’t know the addresses of all the Jewish boys and girls out there. If he’s  this into Christmas, I should totally buy him an The Elf on the Shelf to keep him in line before Christmas.

The Elf on the shelf Etsy STalkers

The Elf On The Shelf

Or I should retell my kids the story of Halvin Alvin The Jewish Elf which I made up back in 2011 to try and get them to behave during Hanuukkah :) So now this Jewish girl needs help. Does Santa write back? Is this what he does? I looked on Etsy and found some really cute options:

Personalized Letter From Santa Custom Santa Letter | DigiPrinz | Etsy Blog

Personalized Letter From Santa Custom Santa Letter | DigiPrinz

Santa Letter Envelope Personalized | Stars and Hearts | Etsy Blog

Santa Letter Envelope Personalized | Stars and Hearts

How long does it take for mail to get to The North Pole and back? Is there an overnight express? So many questions. While I’m mulling them over, don’t forget to check out Etsy Stalkers’ Holiday Gift Guide!

Etsy Stalkers Holiday Gift Guide


Cant. Stop. Cyber. Monday. Stalking.

T’was the 5th night of Hanukkah and I should stop shopppinnnggggg….but I really need that partridge in a Cyber Monday treeeee.

(I realize that makes no sense but it’s the Monday after a holiday weekend.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with family, friends and alcohol. Wait, what? Now that everyone is back at work, school and rehab it’s time to get busy shopping on Cyber Monday. I’ve collected some of my most favorite deals for you (and me) to get you going on your holiday shopping while still giving off the appearance that you’re actually working today. Thankyouverymuch.

Etsy Stalkers Cyber Monday Sales
Holly Camp Cards is offering 30% off everything with the coupon code “Monday”

Drunktopus Card | Holly Camp Cards | Etsy Blog

Drunktopus Card | Holly Camp Cards | Etsy



Modcloth is offering 20% off EVERYTHING!

ModCloth Cyber Monday Etsy Blog

ModCloth Cyber Monday Sales



Modern Touch Designs is offering 15% off all pillow covers with coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY15″

Designer Pillow Covers | Modern Touch Designs | Etsy Blog

Designer Pillow Covers | Modern Touch Designs | Etsy


Amazon is offering $50 off on the Kindle Fire HDX!

Kindle Fire HDX Tablet

Kindle Fire HDX Tablet


J and G Handmade is offering 15% off your order!

Baby/Child's Shabby Headband | J And G Handmade | Etsy blog

Baby/Child’s Shabby Headband | J And G Handmade | Etsy 50% of Top Toys | Deal of the day Etsy blog 50% of Top Toys

Amazon is offering 50% off Matell  and Fisher Price Toys!!!!


Atomic Pop Store is offering 50% off everything Monday only with the coupon code “WOOHA13″

Instant Download | Happy Doodles Chalkboard by Atomic Pop Store | Etsy Blog

Instant Download | Happy Doodles Chalkboard by Atomic Pop Store | Etsy


Green Craft Kids is offering 20% off single Discovery Boxes  with the coupon code “Present20″ and $10 off your first monthly subscription with coupon code “Firstmonth”