For The Home

I’m sick. I’ve self diagnosed myself with Ebola.

I’ve been stuck in bed for three days straight. People at work have taken to calling me Pukey Julie. In related news, I’m thinking of trying on the bikini I’ve had hidden in the back of my closet ever since having child #2. Since the […]

I’m in one state and my kids are in another one. Brag.

I’m not making a metaphorical ‘state of mind’ reference. My kids are actually in a different state than me!  It’s the second annual Camp Grandma and Pappa going on right now, which means my husband and I are in Georgia while the kids are with […]

I accidently stole something during community service day. AWKWARD.

This morning I participated in my company’s community service day so I could feel good about myself. I mean so I could give back to the community. Ahem. It was actually a really cool place where a woman and her family (originally from Jamaica) help […]

I screamed, “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you” to a truck of chickens this morning.

I’ve officially become a crazy vegetarian woman. This morning as I was driving to work I passed one of those huge trucks carrying a zillion crates stuffed with rows and rows of chickens. The whole thing made me really sad and reminded me of why […]

We went RVing and it turns out we were the trash of the trailer park.

True story—we rented an RV for Memorial Day weekend and it was amazing. Truly unforgettable. Imagine this, two families of four sharing one RV for five days. There was laughter. There were tears. There were slushies. And of course there was vodka. Our first stop […]