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Heading to my first blogging conference. Like right now!

Even though I’ve been blogging for a few years now, sometimes it still feels surreal that anyone actually reads it. And what’s even more shocking is that people come back to read it again. I truly feel fortunate to have this little space to write […]

6 adults + 6 kids + one house = vacation chaotic awesomeness

We just returned from spending 10 days in the Outer Banks with two of my besties and their families. It’s something we do every summer and it’s always hilariously awesome.  We ate, drank and slept very little so it was pretty much like my daily […]

I’m pretty sure I have weird ears because headphones don’t push into my canals properly.

First I tried cleaning out my ears, just in case I had soooo much earwax that it was preventing me from fitting an earphone in. Fortunately for everyone involved (me), that wasn’t the case. Then I tried switching the headphones into the opposite ear thinking […]

A spot of TEA for an extra 25% off!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. You know how much I lurrvve Tea Collection. Seriously the cutest clothes ever.  Now’s your chance to stock up with an additional 25% off sale […]

Is it just me or are you dying to own a metal detector?

You know the kind, where you can find treasures underground. Yes my new passion is finding hidden metal. I’ve never actually done it, but it looked very profitable (and not at all staged) while watching  10 minutes of the show Diggers .  So who is […]