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My daughter has a cough and kept me up all night. Rude.

I’m so instinctually motherly, aren’t I? Hey, I’m tired. She gets to nap today and throw temper tantrums. I don’t and it’s not fair (stomping feet and throwing temper tantrum). Enough complaining and more shopping. Today I’m excited to introduce you to the awesomeness called […]

It’s day two of potty boot camp and I am now convinced that Taylor is smarter than me.

Seriously. She’s been going in the potty 50% of the time. That 50% happens to only be with the hubby. When I ask her if she needs to go she screams NO. When Gary asks she politely says yes and goes in the potty. Seriously […]

I’m weird. And I like weird things. Sue me. Actually, please don’t.

I love the dead heat of the summer, I talk in my sleep, and I have psychic abilities only when I’m pregnant. I’m what some may call different. And I take that as a compliment. I think that weird is good. That’s why I was […]

In conclusion, never ever brag about sleeping children. Why? Because Karma will come back and bite you in the butt.

No, I’m not referring to my dog named Karma. She did not bite me in the butt. It’s a figure of speech people. Leave my poor dog alone. So yesterday, I opened my big fat mouth and bragged about getting my kids to nap at […]

Hello? Spring Clothes? Where Art Thou?

Is it just me, or do you go to your closet at the start of a new season and totally wonder what you wore the previous year? I literally have no cute spring clothes. How is that even possible? Did they get up and walk […]