etsy giveaway

I thought my weekend was pretty fun until I heard what other people did.

Monday morning meetings are obviously to kick off the week and to brag about your weekend. During our share session I was all, “I went to a 6-year-old birthday party at an Art Farm and then stayed out until 9PM with the kids at the […]

We’re having another giveaway—just in time for Mother’s Day. Thankyouverymuch.

OK people, there’s only two days left until Mother’s Day. Translation: There’s only two more days to email your partner with pictures of what you’re expecting to receive on Sunday. Everyone does this, right? Lucky for you, DStressed has come along to offer you a […]

Friday Photo Dump…

They say pictures are worth 1,000 words. With that being said, this is the easiest post I’ve ever written. Enjoy my week in pictures: Taylor has become the mascot for Darren’sbaseball team (Texas Rangers). This chick has an interesting choice in back packs (Taylor has […]

Helllllooo December 4. Also known as Giveaway Day #4. Also known as Tuesday.

–> Also known as the day I took a picture of myself at my desk. AWKWARD. The picture is for a good cause, sort of. I wanted to show you what you could win from Plum Love Jewelry. She sent me this one (plus awesome […]

And the winner of the iIlustrated art is…

Sarah Lilian who said, “Oh, and I follow your blog. We just moved into a new house and desperately need wall art! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!” Well Sarah – apparently crossing your fingers actually does work. How’s that for a myth busters show?! Thank you […]