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Free shipping over Easter weekend. Sweeeet.

Summer is coming (so they say) and the dream of hot summer days calls for a shopping spree!   Layla Grayce can help prepare your wardrobe, home and garden with beautiful summer essentials! Best of all, when you shop 3/30-3/31, Layla Grayce is offering free […]

If you’re wondering what we do all day at work…

 We brainstorm ideas for the Sloth of the Day. Yep folks, this is what it’s like to work in advertising. Oh sure we ‘work’, but we always find time for a sloth break. If you’d like to keep up with our efforts, be sure to […]

Is it just me or do you wish you could go back to summer camp?

Nothing in the world was better than that feeling of getting on the bus and heading into the mountains for overnight camp. In fact, most of my besties today were my bunk mates a long, long time ago. Just because I can’t go to summer […]

Darren lost his first tooth and proceeded to inform me that he doesn’t want The Tooth Fairy to come⎯he’d rather go to Target to pick something out.

He specifically mentioned getting a Nutcracker. Random. Darren seemed to form some sort of aversion to The Tooth Fairy after seeing the movie starring The Rock. And you know what? I can’t really blame the kid. If you have a child who is in fact […]

Offers of the week from some of my sponsors…

In addition to sending your boyfriend pictures of the ring you want, you should probably go ahead and order yourself 10 FREE wedding invitations and start your free wedding web site.No pressure. For one week only you can get 10 FREE Graduation Announcements or Invitations […]