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Lessons I’ve learned from being a mom (thus far).

Get ready for Fall · Kids love going to Petsmart just as much as the Zoo. Save your $$$ (but don’t come home with a cat. Or a fish. Or a bird.) · Your child will always pick the longest book on the bookshelf for […]

Who needs fireworks when there’s a lighting sale?!

Big sales are just as American as fireworks, right? No? If you’ve been looking for that perfect statement light then I have a sale for you! Layla Grayce is offering 15% off select lighting with promo code LITUP valid through 7/31! Browse stunning chandeliers, table […]

Yesterday I got a LinkedIn message trying to recruit me for the job I already have. AWKWARD.

This stuff only happens to me, right? Granted I am a freelancer and the company is looking for a full-timer (which I’m aware of) but it’s sort of hilarious that HR emailed me about my interest in my own job. I didn’t respond to the […]

NYC or bust (out crying)…

We’re back from our surprise mother/son trip to NYC. You know, the one I was so freaking excited to tell him about?  Here’s how the surprise was supposed to go: Me: We’re going on a trip to NYC and leaving right now! Darren: You’re the […]

Have you ever broken a sweat singing Karaoke? No? AWKWARD.

There’s nothing like a hilarious night with friends singing off key while our mortified children watch from the sidelines. We butchered songs from Sonny and Cher, Whitney Houston, Katy Perry and so many more. At least we’re giving the kids a lot of material to […]