etsy decoration

It’s day two of potty boot camp and I am now convinced that Taylor is smarter than me.

Seriously. She’s been going in the potty 50% of the time. That 50% happens to only be with the hubby. When I ask her if she needs to go she screams NO. When Gary asks she politely says yes and goes in the potty. Seriously […]

Ummmm yeah so it’s Monday.

BUT it’s the Monday before the holidays. Hellllooo silver lining. Time to break out the extra stretchy pants, hot cocoa and throw blanket. Oh wait, that’s sort of me every weekend. But there’s a problem. I currently hate my throw blanket and it’s pretty much […]

Yesterday my son and I did some role playing. He was the booger man throwing booger meatballs at wonder woman (played by me).

Ahhhh, you gotta love having a four-year-old boy. He also spent about an hour staring out our window at our neighbor’s glowing Christmas Tree. Ahhh, pooor little Jewish boy gets lame decorations. I’m thinking of distracting him with these taxidermy deer heads from French Melody. […]