Should I be concerned that a bird pooped on me for the second time this year?

It’s weird right? It’s not like I spend an excessive amount of time hanging out under trees, but apparently my head looks like a toilet from the viewpoint of a bird. Is it something I should brag about on my resume? I still can’t decide […]

In order to distract people from my foot injury, I tried to do my hair with a flower clip. Unfortunately a co-worker just asked if I had a cracker in my hair. FAIL.

Yeah, so I’m not the type of gal that spends oogles of time doing my hair. Or any time really. But this morning I decided today is the day that I’m going to do my hair. Little braid + flower bobby pin = cracker look-a-like? […]

So I have a hot pink cast on my left leg.

Subtle color choice, right? I was going to get a white cast but I got swayed by the pink (sparkly things!)   What happened, you ask? [The not-so-real-story] Two villains trying to capture aliens + one super strong karate kick = two torn ligaments [The […]

A few days ago Atlanta was hit with tornadoes. Fetal position anyone?

I was scared. My kids were scared. And my husband was scared (but only because I was relying on my Facebook friends for weather updates.) The app is for sissies (moving over in case lightening strikes me). The funny thing is that we actually […]

I totally wish I had written the STUFFIES jingle.

How much stuff can you stuff in a STUFFIE till your STUFFIE’s stuffed with enough stuff? It’s catchy, clever and memorable to both kids and adults alike. It’s what I strive to achieve in my writing career. Dream big Julie! Dream freaking big. While I […]