I’m climbing Machu Picchu. Send help.

About 7 months ago the hubby and I booked a dream getaway to Peru with some of our closest friends.  “Sure we can hike and camp for 4 days,” we said to eachother. “Of course we’ll train by hiking mountains.” But here I stand about […]

What happens when you drive a minivan on the beach to look for wild horses?

You get stuck. Tour groups point and laugh. And you don’t find any wild horses. True story. You know when you read about an activity in a brochure and it leaves out some vital information? Yeah that happened in Outer Banks. But that particular brochure […]

Bad things come in three’s, right? Let’s just say yesterday did not go as planned, which made me need Etsy three times as much.

The plan: · Take Darren to the doctor and get his cast off · Pick up Taylor and celebrate being cast-less with ice cream · Come home to a clean house because my cleaning lady was coming The reality: · Cast comes off but splint […]

Movies I will never ever watch: The Last Exorcism (Part 75), Dark Skies and Sinister

Movies I will never ever watch: The Last Exorcism (Part 75), Dark Skies and Sinister

Oh and what’s that one where the girl kept whispering “I’ll never tell…” in the preview? I’ll never see that one either. Why are there so many of these movies? Is there really such a huge market for exorcisms? I much prefer movies that have […]

Today at the gym a guy said he wasn’t getting his wife a gift for V Day because she probably doesn’t remember it’s today. Ahahahahah.

Dude, she’s testing you. Of course she knows today is Valentine’s Day. You can’t walk into a store without it throwing up hearts on you. After laughing in his face, all of the girls corrected his error.  If he had thought ahead he could have […]