First let me say that it’s been wayyyyyy too long since I’ve posted. For this I am sorry (not sorry). But I’ve really, really missed it so here I am just a girl asking my readers to love me (name that movie).

Anyhoo, this past week my kids have been at the beach with Grandma and Pappa while the hubby and I have enjoyed a childless week at home. #brag #quiet #cleanedouttupperware

So on one of these days after work I thought to myself, “Self…you haven’t been to a mall just to browse with no particular goal for oh…years.” And off I went, to a mall. To browse. And it was weird. And different.

The following are my observations:

Vintage Campbell-French Co Metal Grocery Shopping Cart, etsy blog, metal cart
Vintage Grocery Cart from Look What The Cat Dragged In

Malls don’t offer carts and it appears that I only shop at stores with carts. Target,  grocery stores, Marshall’s, etc. Where can I find a freaking cart? My arm hurts!





Do all stores have signature fragrances? I got a whiff of a new scent with every new store I entered.

Should I be buying fragrances?

perfume, etsy blog, fragrances, Pacific Perfumes
Floral Solid Perfume from Pacific Perfumes








Should I get a makeover at the makeup counter?

I’m on the first floor but the bathroom is on the third. WHY???

Just because I can fit into clothes in the Junior’s section, does it mean I should shop there? Is there an age cut off?

Are hot pink cropped pants a thing now?

Why are teenagers wearing crop tops in this air-conditioned mall?

Fork Knife Spoon Art, etsy blog, mall court, kitchen wall art,
Kitchen Wall Art by Daphne Graphics

Do they still give out free samples in the food court?

How do I get out of here?

Let’s just say the next day…I stuck to Target (and to shopping on Etsy.com of course).

Our Yearly Trip To THE NUTCRACKER Rocked.

atlantaballet nutcracker_header-1418074713840668652 The Fox Theatre in Atlanta was AMAZING enough to send tickets for my family to attend this year’s Nutcracker show. It’s actually become a tradition for us, being our third year attending with the kids. At first we were nervous if it would hold their attention but they LOVE it again and again every year. And they also love getting to pick out a different nutcracker to add to their collection after the show.


Here are my highlights in no particular order:

  • The lambs shaking their booties. I love a good lamb booty.
  • My daughter asking me over and over when the lady in the big dress with kids hiding in it was coming on stage (I love that she remembered this scene from last year).
  • The snow falling on our heads at the end of Act I.
  • The Sugar Plum Fairy.
  • Looking up at the amazing stars in a night sky at The Fox Theatre.


Get Social
Connect social media this Nutcracker season and make sure you use #NutcrackerATL whenever you post about the show!


Did you know?

  • Atlanta Ballet premiered George Balanchine’s Nutcracker – second act only – in April of 1959, not December, making it one of the first companies in the U.S. to perform what would soon become a holiday classic.
  • More than 8 tons of scenery, lighting, and props are used in each Nutcracker production
  • 300,000 watts of electricity are used during each performance of Nutcracker, more than enough to light a stadium
  • The (Dr.) Evil Rat King is 8 feet tall
  • The Petrov Christmas tree grows from 13 feet to 38 feet tall, equivalent to a three-story building


Did you know?

  • There are 20 pounds of snow during used each performance.
  • Atlanta Ballet’s female dancers wear out more than 2,000 pairs of Pointe Shoes each season.
  • Mother Matrushka is always played by a man.
  • More than 2,000 hours are needed to prepare the costumes for opening night of
  • Nutcracker. Preparation begins in early August and goes through November to ensure every detail is in place for opening night in early December.



THROW BACK THURSDAY: I’m currently eating a piece of cake while shopping online for bathing suits. It’s not good people.

Yep, it’s already Thursday. The eve of Friday. One of the most awesome times of the week. So without further ado, I bring to you another one of my old-timey (2012) favorite posts….

I’m currently eating a piece of cake while shopping online for bathing suits. It’s not good people.

Annnnd I just licked the plate. AWKWARD. I would unbutton my pants too but I’m at work.

Why am I looking at bathing suits? I’m glad you asked. On Thursday I’m heading to SPRING BREAK 2012 (otherwise known as my friend’s wedding) in Key West.

What I should really be doing is purchasing an actual wedding gift. The couple is super artsy and hip (like me;) which is why I’m dying to get them this awesome piece of art from Dolan Geiman. It’s 3-D people.

If you don’t happen have a SPRING BREAK 2012 (otherwise known as my friend’s wedding) coming up, there’s plenty of other art – like this rad guitar.

And if you do happen to have Spring Break on the horizon, check out my favorite picks:

Pinterest has been making me feel not so great about myself lately.

Etsy blog, let's quit pinterest, Etsy stalkers

It’s really a love, hate relationship. I see stuff I love. I pin it with the hopes of making it. I never have time to finish (or start) the project. I feel like crap. The end.

I’m not alone in this right? That’s why I’ve decided…

  Etsy blog, let's quit pinterest, Etsy stalkers


Of course I don’t actually have time to go to mall so I’ll just share some of my most favorite online Holiday finds . You’re welcome.


Etsy Stalkers Holiday Gift Guide.

I’m climbing Machu Picchu. Send help.

About 7 months ago the hubby and I booked a dream getaway to Peru with some of our closest friends.  “Sure we can hike and camp for 4 days,” we said to eachother.
Of course we’ll train by hiking mountains.”
But here I stand about 10 days out from departure and no mountains have been climed. No seas have been swam/swum (jeez, what’s past tense of swim?) And I just found out LAST NIGHT that there will be no porter to carry my pack. The porter, in fact, is me.
Do you think it would be inappropriate to pull a rolling suitcase up Machu Picchu? Will I go to a Peruvian jail for rigging up a llama to carry my pack? These are all things that are going through my head right now.
You may be asking yourself, “Self? What has Julie been doing with her time while she should have been training?”
Well everyone, Julie (me) has been scoping out goods I’ll find in Peru which is how I became obsessed with these bags made out of Peruvian blankets from rebyc.
Who needs to train when you have a new bag?
Me I guess. Note to self: start training.

What happens when you drive a minivan on the beach to look for wild horses?

You get stuck. Tour groups point and laugh. And you don’t find any wild horses. True story.
horseshoe, etsy blog, Sycamore Hill,  etsystalkers.com, The Fleur De Lis Love and Luck Horseshoe, Equestrian Decor

You know when you read about an activity in a brochure and it leaves out some vital information? Yeah that happened in Outer Banks. But that particular brochure left out the fact that we would need to drive for miles on a beach to see the wild horses.  Apparently you need to drive a jeep or go with a tour group. Ooops.

amazon.com, etsy blog, horse shoe, Rustic Stamped Iron Horseshoe, etsystalkers.com
Rustic Stamped Iron Horseshoe

There was a minivan, soft sand, skidding, pushing, pointing, laughing….you get the idea. I’m thinking the next time we see a horse will be at a circus because we’re not doing that again. What I am going to do is purchase one of these personalized horseshoes from Sycamore Hill because they rock. And because I don’t have to drive on a beach in a minivan to get one.

I hope.

amazon.com, etsy blog, horse shoe, Rustic Stamped Iron Horseshoe, etsystalkers.com
Champion Sports Steel Horseshoe Set


Bad things come in three’s, right? Let’s just say yesterday did not go as planned, which made me need Etsy three times as much.

The plan:
· Take Darren to the doctor and get his cast off
· Pick up Taylor and celebrate being cast-less with ice cream
· Come home to a clean house because my cleaning lady was coming
The reality:
· Cast comes off but splint goes on because Darren’s arm isn’t heeled
· Pick up Taylor at school where Darren proceeds to throw up everywhere
· Arrive at home to find out my neighbor has backed into my cleaning lady’s car

So yeah, that’s my life. It’s times like these that I grab a glass (bottle) of wine and dive straight into Etsy (along with a box of Samoas) because I know they’ll will cheer me right up. Like these polymer clay sculptures from Dilly Pad—they make me smile.

They also make me email the hubby twelve times a day insisting that we must purchase them. If only I could convince him to stop directing my emails to his spam folder. Rude.

Into making (or learning how to make your own) polymer clay sculptors? You’re going to need these to get started:
Amazon.com; Sculpey III Polymer Clay Color Sampler, Multicolor; Etsystalkers.com
Sculpey III Polymer Clay Color Sampler

Amazon.com; Darice 11-Piece Clay Cleaning Tool Set; etsystalkers.com
Darice 11-Piece Clay Cleaning Tool Set

amazon.com, The Polymer Clay Techniques Book, etsystalkers.com
The Polymer Clay Techniques Book

Movies I will never ever watch: The Last Exorcism (Part 75), Dark Skies and Sinister

etsy blog, art, Monster gallery, fraphic posters, letterpress posters, monster gallery

Oh and what’s that one where the girl kept whispering “I’ll never tell…” in the preview? I’ll never see that one either. Why are there so many of these movies? Is there really such a huge market for exorcisms? I much prefer movies that have plots that don’t involve removing the devil from within. But hey, that’s just me.

I like comedies. Sometimes even dramas.  And I’ve even been known to enjoy a romantic comedy. I also enjoy these awesome movie posters from Monster Gallery. What’s not to like?
They’re simple, graphic and don’t involve the devil. Most likely because it’s really hard to letterpress an exorcism but I’ll take it.

Looking for other awesome movie gifts? Check these out:

modcloth; The Robe You're Looking For in R2D2; etsystalkers.com
The Robe You’re Looking For in R2D2
modcloth; christopher walken a to z; etsystalkers.com
Christopher Walken A to Z
modcloth; Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling Coloring Book; etsystalkers.com
Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling Coloring Book

Today at the gym a guy said he wasn’t getting his wife a gift for V Day because she probably doesn’t remember it’s today. Ahahahahah.

Dude, she’s testing you. Of course she knows today is Valentine’s Day. You can’t walk into a store without it throwing up hearts on you.
After laughing in his face, all of the girls corrected his error.  If he had thought ahead he could have bought her these awesome bookends from design atelier article.
Just about everything in this shop is ridunkulous (i.e. awesome) so he can go ahead and purchase an “I’m sorry for being an idiot” gift here as well.
Side note: I got Darren Where the Sidewalk Ends for Valentine’s Day. He already seems to love it as much as I did as a kid.
Nerd bonding!!!

It’s Ash Wednesday, which means it’s the first day of Jewish Lent for me.

Yes it’s a real holiday. I know because I invented it last year. You can read all about 2012’s Jewish Lent right here. I tried to give up complaining, but you know. It was tooooo harddddd. So this year I decided to give up something equally as vague—I’m no longer going to give in.

etsy blog, jewish lent, dolen geiman, etsy.com, easter, EXAMPLES:

Children, “Buy me this. Get me that. Feed me dinner. Brush my hair.”
Husband, “Be nice to me. Don’t create a tornado in the closet.”
Cat, “Change my litter. Give me fresh water.”
Dog, “Let me outside. Rub my belly.”
Ugh so demanding.

I of course will not deprive myself of anything because that’s not the point of Jewish Lent (that’s how it differs from just Christian Lent). This enables me to purchasing art from Dolen Geiman. If my kids want some art I’m prepared to say “no”. If my dog wants a self portrait the answer is, “nope.”

Jewish Lent will not be easy (except for me of course). By the way, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow so you should get on it.