Can’t. Stop. Stealing. Kid’s. Candy. Good thing it’s Taylor Made Tuesday!!

I seriously think I have a candy hangover. Taylor does too. She actually woke up at 4am last night screaming for me. When I went in to check on her she says, “Mommy downstairs, watch TV, eat M&M’s.” You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

So big things happened in Taylor’s room this weekend – she actually got her bed and we moved her in!!! I know, right?

I know that I was supposed to reveal her new sheet set today from Lovely Home Idea, but I have to postpone that reveal until next week. Why? Because they are coming all the way from Europe! Could I be any more fancy? Don’t answer that.

Instead, this week I’m SO happy to reveal Taylor’s custom ruffel duvet cover and throw pillow from Sew Crafty Décor. I simply sent her the color scheme and voila, look what she sent me. She was not only easy to work with, she also had great ideas and ships super duper fast!

Go, go, go and check out Sew Crafty Décor ASAP. Why? Because your bedding has spit up, cereal spills and dog hair all over it. Oh wait, that’s mine.

Don’t worry, just because Taylor is actually in her room doesn’t mean Taylor Made Tuesdays are over. We still have the uber fancy European bedding, throw pillows, artwork and a special piece of furniture to reveal.

By the way, I know my pictures suck. Any recs for an Atlanta-based photographer to come over for a little photo shoot?!

3 thoughts on “Can’t. Stop. Stealing. Kid’s. Candy. Good thing it’s Taylor Made Tuesday!!”

  • So uber cute!
    Yeah for big-girl beds!
    The Not-so-Anonymous Renee

    PS: Candy hang-overs are the real deal. I should know, had one all day. =(
    Note to self for next year: A CostCo size bag of candy is not necessary when our house only gets 7 trick-or-treaters.
    I repeat- NOT necessary.
    Ouch! My tum!

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