Can’t. Stop. Eating. Fig. Newtons.

I’m not sure what this has to do with anything whatsoever but I love them and thought you should know.

I’m too tired to shop etsy today (LIGHTENING STRIKES!) but I just wanted to mention that if you’re reading this post at 10PM on a saturday night, you’re officially a loser. AND if you have not yet ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY, I highly suggest doing so. Why? It ends in 24 hours. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

4 thoughts on “Can’t. Stop. Eating. Fig. Newtons.”

  • I’m almost a loser. 9:15pm Saturday (pacific time)! But you may end up being a loser tonight too because you’ll need to stay home to be close to the loo after eating all those fig newtons! yikes!!

  • Btw, Julie, I’m the one who tells you to write a book, put more than 1 post on a web page, darken the type on your blog, etc. So I have one more thing that’s been buggin me for awhile….. the typo you have under “About Me”. You wrote “Esty Stalkers is a blog written by me”. It’s Etsy not Esty.

  • Ha! Megan was first!! She’s the one that told me about your blog, LOL!!! Oh, and Fig Newtons ARE addictive!

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