Can we discuss Hot Buns? Is anyone fooled by these fake buns of hair?

You know the infomercial I’m talking about, right? Please say you know.  It’s where you put a fake bun on top of your own hair tricking people to think you grew said bun overnight.
No one is fooled by a fake bun. Especially the people who saw you the previous day with 1/4th of the hair. 

If you want to fancy up your hair (jazz hands) without having to order it when you have insomnia at 4am, you should buy these awesome pins from OLULA.
You can carry them around in this adorbz bag also from OLULA (just put them next to the sandwich and apple). 
Now if I could only restrain myself from ordering Hot Booties. They are buy one get one free PEOPLE and my feet are cold! 

1 thought on “Can we discuss Hot Buns? Is anyone fooled by these fake buns of hair?”

  • Hubby bought me hot booties, don’t you can not run, or walk in them without possible injury. He bought them for my birthday at a truckstop. Pitfall of a truckers wife odd gifts

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