Look At Me, I’m Hip Urban Julie.

So it all started about a month ago when my office moved locations and the new building can’t offer parking spaces to everyone. There’s this imaginary waiting list, which no one can actually produce in real life, in which we will all start being awarded spaces at some undeclared moment in the future. In the meantime we’re welcome to pay hourly parking…which comes to an obscene amount of money. I tried this for a couple of weeks and just can’t do it. That’s my shopping money!

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Waiting for the train.

My option? Ride Marta (Atlanta’s lame public transpiration) to work.  When I say lame, I mean no one in the city actually rides it because it doesn’t actually go anywhere that you need to be. But as luck would have it, there’s one stop across the street from my office. So, today is day 3 of my Marta adventure and I have to say (drumroll please)…I’m digging it.

Everyone at work (and at home) pretty much had the same reaction…”You’re riding Marta to work? Really?” Yes people, really.



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MARTA Transit Map | Louisiana Prints



I like to wave at people sitting in traffic on the highway, judge people on the train (because I’m super perfect) and listen to Audible. You see, hip urban folks always travel with ear phones.

Here are a few of the people I’ve come across so far…

(1) Three tweens and dad coming home from some sort of summer outing. The girls were singing happy songs and being super silly without a care in the world. This, I loved.

(2) A man begging for food money while eating a bag of Skittles. (I totally judged him).

(3) A girl with a super hip bag. I want one now.

(4) A cute, sleeping couple (I probably should have woken one up to see if they missed their stop. Ooops).

(5) Some guy holding up a pamphlet about something religious. Does this dude think the train is the right forum for this? Does it work? Who converts religions on public transportation?

Marta, Etsy Blog, Etsystalkers.com
Yes, I actually took a picture of his shoe.


(6) The tallest man I’ve ever seen. Estimated shoe size = 20.

(7) On the second day I already recognized someone from the first day’s ride. He’s really sleepy and carries an iPad. Stay tuned for future developments in this man.

To be continued…

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