Brag, brag, brag. This is me bragging.

My kids ran their first race this weekend and it was freaking awesome. There was yelling and cheering and a lot of  ‘woo-hooing‘. We actually signed them up on a whim with our friend’s kids and as it turns out, our kids are runners:

My daughter ran an 11-minute mile!

My son finished 3rd place for his age group in the 5K!

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PR Chalkboard Race Bib and Medal Holder

I’m pretty sure I’m about to be one of those moms who lives out her dreams through her kids. Just this morning I found myself Googling ‘running track for 7-year-olds.’ Too much too soon? Nah. I’m pretty sure both my babies will end up in the Olympics (or at least as alternates on the high school track team one day). Bring it!,, New Balance KJ750 Y Running Shoe, etsy blog
New Balance Running Shoe
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Running Race Bib & Medal Display

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