Boob sweat. Hairy arm pits. Pooping.

These are just a few of the topics covered at dinner with my girlfriends last night. Yeah, we’re not the most appropriate bunch, but we’re fun. They of course thought everything that was said at dinner would be repeated on this blog. Don’t worry, it won’t. And by that I mean it will. Otherwise, how would you know that my friend has been sweating nonstop since she had her child (almost 4 years ago)? She’s really sweaty. It’s not good. Hi Lori.

Wanna know what else was discussed at dinner? My silly transitions from my intro into my etsy item of the day. Which leads me to today’s awesomeness from nesta home. (You like how I did that? With a silly transition?)

These are the perfect little way to change up a room. And trust me, your room needs changing. It’s really ugly.

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