A Taylor-Made Room

See this room? Of course you do. It was created entirely by Etsy shops. No I’m not kidding. Once upon a time (in 2011) I decided to create a Taylor-Made room for my daughter (whose name is Taylor). When I conceived this idea, I had no idea how many Etsy shops would come together to bring it to fruition. But above is the end result.  It’s officially the prettiest and most put together room in my house. But it wasn’t all like this. In fact it used to be the exact opposite…

The Before (I hang my head in shame)
When Taylor turned 2, we moved her from her nursery  into what was previously the guest room/area I pretended to work out in because it had an elliptical machine. We figured this room would work better than her nursery in the long run because of the size and connected bathroom. Oh and I think I used the elliptical about twice.


Etsy Blog Taylor Made

The Design
Basically the only item I wanted to keep from Taylor’s nursery was a polka-dot rug from Pottery Barn (similar rug). And I was sort of into the grey walls. But that was it. I needed help. That’s when Live Designerly stepped in. This AMAZING Etsy store is a web-based interior design firm that  truly went above and beyond to design Taylor’s room. For the first round, she sent me a color palette based on the very few items that I already had for the new room. I then sent her the participating Etsy shops and she put together a super cool design. Three of the walls in the new room remained gray and one wall was painted Teaberry (6561) from Sherwin Williams.


Etsy Blog Taylor Made

The painting of the room and pictures of a topless husband.
You girls disgust me. I can’t believe you want to look at someone else’s husband. Fortunately Gary won’t let me pick up a paint brush took charge of all of the painting while I occasionally prompted my son to yell out,“You missed a spot!”

And that’s little Taylor. She totally approved of the “PINK!” wall.





The Shops (without them this room would be nothing)

I’ve already mentioned the very talented Live Designerly. Next on my dream team for Taylor’s room? Old Barn Rescue Company. This shop sells the most adorbz decals and was so helpful through the entire process. If you haven’t already noticed, I can be a tad indecisive (shocking!) and Old Barn Rescue Company helped me pick and choose the perfect design.

Want to see more amazing decals? Be sure to check out Decals Time and Amazon.com.






If you’re in the market for curtains, you should head over to Jennifer Farley Designs or Amazon.com
Like immediately. Not in need of curtains? That’s OK because she also makes pillows. And everyone needs new throw pillows.

And if you’re one of those crafty (or aspiring crafty) people, you can sew these drapes yourself!  Just take an online sewing course at Craftsy.com. This place has it going on and will teach you how to make pretty much anything.

Check out the doll cabinet that holds my Madame Alexander dolls from when I was a wee one. Yep, I’m the sentimental type. Who knew?

Next up on the list is Joshua by Oak, who made these absolutely perfect bookends for Taylor because reading just happens to be one of her favorite activities (no thanks to me forgetting to read to her the first year of her life – ooops). I love, love, love them and not just because I like to eat sugar and spices so much.
ModCloth Film Industrial Bookends Etsy Stalkers
ModCloth Film Industrial Bookends



Sugar and spice not quite your thing? Check out these:








Confession time. I have a blog crush on KFD Design. Phew it feels good to get that out there in the universe. Fortunately I’m lucky enough to live in the same city as Kristin (the creative genius behind KFD Design) so she could refinish the ugliest bench in the world and turn it into this.

I’ve decided not to show you the before. It may crash your computers. And because not everyone can live in the same city as KFD Design,you should really check out all of the awesome furniture options from Layla Grace & Zinc Door.  These shops have every cool furniture item under the sun. Watch out Kristin because I may be developing a new stalker online crush.

Layla Grayce furniture Etsy Stalkers
Layla Grayce Furniture

Layla Grayce Rugs Etsy Stalkers
Layla Grayce Rug

When it was time to get a pillow made for our refinished bench I turned to Hearth and Home. She was such a pleasure to work with and even gave me suggestions like adding the lavender piping on the edges. I highly suggest checking out her shop. She’s mucho talented AND she also makes throw pillows. And we all know how I feel about throw pillows.


If you’re looking for a totally unique ceramic gift that no one else has, head to mb art studios and shop for unique clocks, jewelry, dishes and so much more. Warning: you may want to buy everything because it’s all so awesome. mb art studios worked with me to pick a saying that would fit perfectly in a little girl’s room. You can even have a name and date added!





I also happen to love this clock:

cafe press western_texas_star_large_wall_clock etsy stalkers
Cafe Press Western Texas Star Wall Clock



If you look closely, you’ll see the gorgeous heart pillow on Taylor’s small chair by the window which was sent to me from Rock Paper Stitch. To sum it up she rules, the pillow rules, everything she makes rules.

You’ll also notice the totally unique duvet cover that gets tons and tons of compliments. If you want one, head over to Sew Crafty Décor ASAP. She was a pleasure to work with and customized the bedding to match Taylor’s room. EVERYONE that sees it wants it. Hands off people, it’s mine.


And because a duvet cover wasn’t enough, Lovely Home Idea, creator of gorgeous bedding and home decor, sent linen sheets and pillows to complete the look. I am so freaking lucky. Of course now I’m trying to figure out why Taylor’s room is way nicer than mine.

I seriously can’t thank all of these Etsy stores enough for bringing this room to fruition. It’s one that Taylor continues to grow into.

And don’t forget to check out it’s appearance over on Apartment Therapy! Yep, her room is famous.

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