And we missed our flight. Of course we did.

Really I blame it on my chauffeur (friend) Erica who drove us to the airport. And I use the term drove pretty loosely. You scare me. You and that boat you drive. But I really do appreciate the drive. And now you’ve been mentioned on the blog. P.S. Totally going in a cab or getting the 15-year-old who barely has her learner’s permit to take us next time.

Besides the littles no longer believing in sleep, all is going great on vacation. And shockingly the one thing we’ve been doing a lot of on this trip is eating. Like a lot. Which is why I’m psyched I stumbled upon Vanilla Stick.

The best part? I can cleverly disguise this as a gift for my friends. Then I get to eat the gift. What? I don’t want to be rude.

And now I have to tend to my daughter who is currently sitting on my head pouring a sippy cup of milk down my back. I think I can officially call this my shower of the day. What? No?

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