And the car rental place was closed when I went to pick it up. Of course it was.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. I go to pick up my rental car for the second half of the vaca and the place is closed for the day. At 1 PM. Like what kind of a rental car company closes at one in the afternoon? To make it up to me the next day, they upgraded my car. To a Kia. Ummm, I wonder what sort of beauty I would of gotten without the upgrade?

Anyhooo, after literally travelling on planes, trains and automobiles, we’ve arrived in Michigan and me likey. Me likey a lot. The weather is picture perfect, our rental is amazing and the kids are having a blast. Fortunately I found this amazing cut paper art from Crafterall to commemorate the great lakes in a totally unique way.

Now I won’t feel so bad when none of my pictures turn out.

By the way, my daughter’s new favorite words are‘Why?’ and ‘No Way.’ Ironically, mine continue to be “Wine’ and ‘Gin.’

2 thoughts on “And the car rental place was closed when I went to pick it up. Of course it was.”

  • No way! <-See what I did there? I had to pick a rental up in downtown Atlanta once, and I remember having to be there before they closed at 1 p.m. Wacky rental companies.

  • I spent the night (with mah parents) In the PIT airport, waiting for the rental place to open. It’s a family legend story now.

    Beautiful art. Love this.

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