An RSVP to my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah sums up my life.

Picture it.
I get this beautiful invitation in the mail. I put it aside for a few days. I pick it up to respond. I find that Taylor has gotten to it first. The RSVP has been colored, ripped and is now somehow damp. I write some note trying to be cute about Taylor being really excited about going and thats why she damaged the beautiful invitation.
This pretty much sums up everything that happens. It also explains why I cannot be trusted with beautiful invitations like the ones from Lotus Prints.
Taylor would destroy these in seconds. I’m sorry, I mean she would color, rip and somehow dampen them in seconds.
In all seriousness,  if you need me to be somewhere, just send me an invite via Google Calendar. Im pretty sure Taylor doesnt know how to log into that yet.  

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