Am I the only one that can’t do colored jeans?

Apparently they are all the rage in the fashion world. Hey, I’m just trying to make my blue jeans work. Not quite sure I can pull off bright yellow pants. Maybe after my Jewish Lent is over.

You know what I can do with confidence? Find a place in my home to hang one of these awesome paper chandeliers from Perpetual Motion Décor.

I mean seriously. Have you seen these? One in every room may be too much, no?

Total side note: I love reading everyone’s comments so keep them coming. Unless it’s a hate comment. There will be none of those around my blog of full of fluff.

5 thoughts on “Am I the only one that can’t do colored jeans?”

  • I haven purchased any yet either~kind of dragging my feet…does black count? 🙂
    If I did purchased I probably wouldn’t do spend ones as I think I wouldn’t wear them a ton.

  • You could totally do colored jeans! I’m wearing a deep turquoise/teal blue today with a black top and black booties. They are wide-legged and feel more trouser-y which helps me. Try starting with a quieter color. I can’t imagine rocking yellow legs either (big bird?!)!

  • Um, if I couldn’t wear them in the 80’s why would I try to wear them in 2012? My fiance + I had a good laugh seeing the teenagers wearing them. Oh well, they can’t accuse our generation of having bad taste right?

    spacegeek33 is a cool name.

  • Something about the colors makes me think of balloons. Like that only different ….. my middle is round enough I dont need to make it feel rounder.

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