Am I at the beach? Nope, like not even close.

Sure it’s extremely hot and I got to watch the sunrise, but I’m nowhere near the beach, unless our bug-infested sandbox in the backyard counts. I AM sitting on my couch at 6am with my daughter watching Martha Speaks. Yay! This is sacrcasm people. I’m tired, so very tired.

The bad news? Today is going to be a looooong day. The good news? That gives me more time to eat. Of course I’ll be at the pool all day, eating in a moo-moo bathing suit, so I’m hoping my neighbors are drunk and can’t focus on me.

In order to shovel all of that food into my mouth, I went on the hunt for pretty serving pieces and found Ladies & Gentlemen Vintage Shop.

These forks look good enough to eat. No? I’m hungry, get off my back.

Oh good, there’s only 14 more hours until the fireworks start. Looks like it’s time to start pre-partying.

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