All In favor of coming over and cleaning my house for me say “I”.

Anyone? No one? Lame. I blame the mess on my children. They are just so darn messy. I wonder where they get that trait from? Certainly not from me. Ahem.

It sure is a good thing they are so stinking cute (even with leftover ketchup on their faces from dinner and markers all over their hands from yesterday – hey, it’s the weekend. Give me a break.)

While I wouldn’t want a picture of my dirty kids today, I would want one of these personalized silhouettes from The Path Less Traveled.

People, these are customized. CUSTOMIZED.

Wouldn’t this be an adorbz save-the-date? It would be. Trust me.

By the way, should I be concerned that my 20-month-old now calls the hubby by his first name instead of daddy? I swear she’s already a teenager. Send help.

2 thoughts on “All In favor of coming over and cleaning my house for me say “I”.”

  • Thanks so much for the mention – you made my day, too! : )
    And thanks for introducing me to your blog, too. It’s definitely going on my favorites list!

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