Alert the press – my son made it home on the bus!

I know, you were all worried, but he totally made it home from his first day of Pre-K in one piece. There I was, standing at the bus stop waiting for him full of excitement, the doors opened and miraculously he walked off. It’s a first-day-of-school miracle!

Now that he’s all fine and dandy at school, I can move on to more important things, like finding a new hand bag for fall. What? Does that sound shallow?

I want. I need. I must have this bag from Jenny N. Design. Hey, at least I have my priorities straight!

By the way, you may notice a new tab up at the top named ‘Taylor Made’. That my friends is my new project that I mentioned the other day. I have some amazing etsy shops sponsoring AN ENTIRE ROOM FOR MY DAUGHTER, TAYLOR. And guess what? You’ll get to watch the entire process from start (a big ol’ mess) to finish (a feast for your eyes).

Stay tuned. Stay very, very tuned.

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