Ahhhh, Fall Décor. The Prequel to Christmas Décor.

I’m Jewish, so I don’t get to really celebrate Christmas — hanging a paper dreidel from the ceiling to celebrate Hanukkah is not the same people. Which is probably why I totally go overboard when decorating my home for Halloween.

And while I love spooky plastic spiders as much as the next gal, I want something a tad classier for my home. My home needs all the classy help it can get.

And along comes these awesome little numbers from The Fuzzy Monkey.

Here’s a genius idea – put your Halloween candy in these bowls to make them pretty yet practical. I know, I know. I’m so smart (and pretty and funny and humble).

By the way, I think we may have a ghost in our house. Seriously. He seems pretty nice and all, it’s just that the door chime randomly goes off. I hope Mr. Ghost (we’ve named him Kermit) likes these Halloween decorations from The Fuzzy Monkey. I’d hate to piss him off.

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