I accidently stole something during community service day. AWKWARD.

This morning I participated in my company’s community service day so I could feel good about myself. I mean so I could give back to the community. Ahem.

It was actually a really cool place where a woman and her family (originally from Jamaica) help teach the community about farming and growing to provide easier access to fresh (and tropical) produce. And all of this happens in a part of town where you would least expect it (let’s just say it’s the opposite of where you would ever imagine finding a farm.)

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Greek Watermelon Seeds

Long story short, we went, we pulled weeds, we ate blackberries off a bush, I decided I should be living off the land, and then I walked away with this woman’s gardening gloves in my purse. SERIOUSLY.

 coach wristlets



Now I could pretend to all of you that I’m going to drive down there tomorrow and return them, but to be honest it’s too damn far. And frankly I’m going to need some  gardening gloves when I start living off the land.

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Women’s Gardening Gloves
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Corner Cascade Wooden Planter

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Radish Gardening Gloves








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Garden Tools


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