Abra-Cadabra – It’s Sweater Weather (Which Also Means It’s Chapstick Weather)

While shopping for myself online, I of course got sucked into the cutie patutie fall clothes for little girls. I swear, we would be much, much wealthier (or at least not so poor) if I didn’t get sucked into girl clothes.

But alas, I am only human (with a few robot parts here and there) and I can only resist the urge to buy miniature clothes for so long. Hey, I never claimed to have restraint.

Snuggle Pants makes ‘upcycled’ clothes for the littles and bigs in your life. What does upcycled mean you ask? Check it – you (and by you, I mean not me) take something like an old sweater that you never wear anymore and make new, more awesomer clothes out it.

Clever, eh?

Look at me, I’m helping the environment one purchase at a time. I’m such a do-gooder.

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