A hippie that doesn’t smell—now I’ve seen it all.

There’s nothing worse than working out next to someone with B.O, unless it’s yourself. I seriously thought the smell was permeating from me. I mean, I shower and all, but it was just so stink-o. Fortunately, the second I got off the elliptical the smell was gone. Thank gawd.

In order to rid my mind (and my nose) of that smell, I went on the hunt for soap and found way more from tree hugger Prunella Soap. You see, she doesn’t just make soap, she does it without hurting the environment. What up total overachiever?

Do you think it would be awkward if I handed these out to strangers at the gym? You know, as workout party favors?

As a side note, I ran through my neighbor’s sprinkler with my son last night (which counts a shower, right?) Could I possibly be more whimsical and cute? I don’t think so.

And if you haven’t ENTERED MY GIVEAWAY YET, I would suggest doing so or else you’re not going to win. Hate to state the obvious but some people are dumb. And unfortunately stinky.

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