A few days ago Atlanta was hit with tornadoes. Fetal position anyone?

I was scared. My kids were scared. And my husband was scared (but only because I was relying on my Facebook friends for weather updates.)
The weather.com app is for sissies (moving over in case lightening strikes me).
The funny thing is that we actually had a lot of good laughs during our time locked in the bathroom. The kids pulled in pillows and blankets and we had a pretend sleepover. We giggled, told stories and checked Facebook.
While in the bathroom, I couldn’t help but notice that we really need new artwork in there.  So I took a break from Facebook weather updates and did the next logical thing, I started shopping on Etsy.
It’s a good thing I did because I stumbled upon revigorer. These pieces of art do not in fact have to go in a bathroom but they will go inside of mine. 
And while we’re still on the topic, I’d like to share with you outtakes from the tornado bathroom:
“Benny Bordan pooped in his pants at camp today” –Taylor
What? Who? Huh?
“This tornado is good for the flowers. Yay for tornadoes!” – Darren
I love his sweet soul.
“I farted – Taylor
Did I mention this is a half bath with no windows?
“Where did mom go?” – Taylor and Darren
A tornado is less scary than her farts.

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