6 adults + 6 kids + one house = vacation chaotic awesomeness

We just returned from spending 10 days in the Outer Banks with two of my besties and their families. It’s something we do every summer and it’s always hilariously awesome.  We ate, drank and slept very little so it was pretty much like my daily life.
Here are the top 10 things that came out of our mouths during vacation:
   (1)  No you cannot fill your bathtub with balloons and then fill it with hot water to see what happens
   (2) 6:57AM: OK, we can go swimming
   (3)  Using the face paint to turn your friends into a team of warriors is probably not the best of ideas
   (4) Fudge is not for breakfast (unless you’re me)
   (5) Dancing naked on the upper deck is probably not a great idea (directed towards the kids and possibly one adult)
   (6)  Dad, here’s your beer
   (7)  Why are you eating sand?
   (8)  Please don’t hit me in the shins with your miniature golf club again
   (9)  Hand over the washed up jelly fish 
   (10)Why are you naked again?
It was exhausting and my left eye may be twitching today at work but to commemorate the trip, I’d lurve to get my hands on this Outer Banks Print from Cartoloji. So freaking cool.
As they say, it’s great to go away and it’s great to come back home.

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