5 Tips (And Tricks) To Get You Through Halloween

  1. If a house is handing out beer or wine, it’s for the parents.  I’m lucky because I live in that kind of neighborhood.
  2. Take photos first! I cannot stress enough how much of a hot mess your children will turn into as the night goes on. 5:00PM = Happiness and Excitement  8:00PM = Craziness and Screaming for more candy.
  3. It’s not too late to buy a costume.  One year in college I bought a pumpkin trash bag, tore a hole in it for my head and voila!
  4. Go to the houses on hills. Children tend to avoid these homes so when you show up, I guarantee you’ll be showered with candy. We live in a house on a hill so you can trust me on this.
  5. After your kids go to sleep, hide their most delicious candy in your mouth. Really it’s for their own good.

And just in case you were wondering, here are some of my favorite Halloween items!

ModCloth How To Speak Zombie Book Etsy Stalkers
Etsy Children’s Minion Hooded Towel Etsy Stalkers
Etsy Children’s Minion Hooded Towel 

Café Press Halloween Candy Tote Bag Etsy Stalkers

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