Crazy Sexy Diet: Day Eight

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And so begins day eight of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse. Woohooo.

This morning I drank my water, ¼ cup caffeinated coffee and a banana before heading to a meeting (in my coworker’s convertible-brag). When I got back to the office around 11AM I was starving to death so I went ahead and ate my yummy lunch courtesy of Rabbit Hole Earth Eats. It was seriously so freaking good. And then I drank some yummy fresh juice mid-afternoon.
crazy sexy diet; 21 day cleanse; etsy crazy sexy diet; 21 day cleanse; etsy crazy sexy diet; 21 day cleanse; etsy
My son had a baseball game this afternoon (he won)! I was planning on cooking tonight, but my husband made it to the game so we decided to go out instead. The local restaurant, Hammocks, tags all of the gluten free items on the menu which proved to be a huge help. I started with a small salad and decided on a pick-my-own vegetable plate for dinner. My plate consisted of larger-than-life asparagus, cucumber-tomato salad and french fries (which claimed to be gluten free). These fries were so freaking delicious, but probably the first oily food I’ve eaten in eight days and let me tell you, my stomach was not thrilled about them. My mouth= thrilled. Belly=ouch.

crazy sexy diet; 21 day cleanse; etsy

crazy sexy diet; 21 day cleanse; etsy

crazy sexy diet; 21 day cleanse; etsy

Things I’ve noticed today on the cleanse.

  • I wasn’t as tired as yesterday with my 1/4 caffeinated coffee. Yay.
  • I need to listen to my body and stay away from the fried food. Boo.

How am I feeling at the end of day eight of the cleanse? Pretty darn good, minus the fries that tore up my stomach. Lesson learned.

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Crazy, Sexy Diet: Days Seven

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One week people. One freaking week that I’ve been doing the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse. And it’s also Earth Day so basically I am one with the earth (or something like that).  So this morning I actually ordered ¼ caffeinated coffee at Starbucks. Crazy, right? If you know me in real life, you would acknowledge how crazy that is.

This morning I hit Crossfit and had another great workout. Honestly I love Crossfit so much and I could go on and on about the benefits. In fact I think I will. I joined Crossfit on a whim 1.5 years ago because it’s located next to the Starbucks I frequent. I kept seeing crazy athletic people running around the building and wanted to check it out. Little did I know how that place would affect me. In the past year and a half I’ve gained muscle, a new group of friends and confidence both inside and out of the gym. I never, ever in a million years thought I could sumo lift 135 pounds (partially because I had never heard of a sumo lift).

As for cleanse food, today was a simple day. Lots of water, fruits, veggies and leftovers from last night’s dinner. I wasn’t hungry at all but started feeling pretty fatigued from decreasing my caffeine intake around 5PM.  Hopefully that will get better in the next couple of days.

Things I’ve noticed:

  • I’m not craving sugar as much (i.e. I’m no longer licking the glass of pastries at Starbucks—but mostly because I was getting really strange looks.)
  • I’m super excited that my juicer arrived in the mail. Now I can officially call myself a juicer.

How am I feeling at the end of day seven of the cleanse? GREAT. Onward to day EIGHT…

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Crazy, Sexy Diet: Day Six

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I’ve lost the will to live. JUST KIDDING. I actually feel amazing today. I don’t know if it’s the weather, the new cute shirt I have on (that I’ve received zero compliments on RUDE), the cleanse or a mixture of all three, but I haven’t felt this good in a while.

This morning I headed to Crossfit , had a really strong workout and guzzled a ton of water. I’m still drinking my half-caffeinated coffee with no cream or sugar in the morning but I’m actually thinking I’m ready to take the step down to ¼ caffeinated tomorrow.  I know. The barista at Starbucks may actually call 911 when I tell her that news.

Today’s Eats: For breakfast I had a banana plus some cleanse-approved granola and for lunch I ventured over to Arden’s Garden for smoothie. Do you people know about Arden’s Garden? Unfortunately for you it’s only located in Atlanta right now but I’m sure there are similar places all over the country. I’ve actually been going on and off (more off) for a couple of years but never really understood their philosophy.

Today I sat down and talked to some of the employees and clients and by the time I left I felt like I was ready to buy stock in that place. Note: I’m easily swayed. If you’re looking to start a cult and have an argument that’s even half-way convincing, I’d most likely sign up within minutes.

crazy sexy diet, vegan, 21 day cleanse, etsy

Arden’s also offers a 21-Day Cleanse—I haven’t read all of the details but it seems pretty similar to the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse.  Every location offers fresh juice daily, “We’re purists. All our fresh juices and smoothies are made from fruits and vegetables, nothing else.”  You can even sit down and take four shots consisting of wheat grass, ginger, lemon juice and cranberry juice. I’ve watched people doing it before but today I actually sat down and participated. And now I’ll stop going on about Arden’s Garden (but it really is amazing).

And dinner tonight was AMAZE-BALLS. The hubby and I had a date night (yes on a Monday) and went to Cafe Sunflower, a local vegetarian restaurant. Their menu actually has everything labeled as either Vegan or Vegan and Dairy Free which was super helpful for a newbie like me. And now I present to you my cleanse-approved feast:

crazy sexy diet, vegan, 21 day cleanse, etsy photo 2

crazy sexy diet, vegan, 21 day cleanse, etsy

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Feeling awesome – no afternoon cloud. Yes really.
  • I’m trying new foods at new restaurants.

How am I feeling at the end of day six? Great! Onward to day SEVEN…

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Crazy, Sexy Diet: Days Four & Five

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I survived my first weekend of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse!! I’m clumping days four and five together mostly because they occurred over the weekend, which means I was running around like a crazy person (sort of like the other five days of the week but with less work and more kids).

The craziness of the weekend meant I didn’t have a chance take any food pictures, but there was lots of yummy healthy food, no wine and very little caffeine. And there was TONS of temptations including two dinners out, an Easter egg hunt, brunch with friends, a night out with neighbors, and a trip to the zoo.

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Less potty breaks
  • I need to drink more of my juices
  • I’m actually starting to feel pretty darn good!

How am I feeling at the end of days four and five? Excited that I made it through the weekend! Onward to day six…

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Crazy Sexy Diet: Day Three

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Ahhhh day three of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse, the one that I read was the hardest. Yay. I woke up really hungry which is something that never happens so I immediately drank  water and had some fruit. I decided to ditch the Kickstarter drink because I really wasn’t digging the taste and knew I wouldn’t be able to stick with it for the rest of the cleanse.

I snacked on some nuts and juices throughout the morning and then decided to order a salad for lunch since I didn’t have enough time (or energy) to pack one before work.  It was full of veggies and I topped it with a little bit of EVOO. It totally hit the spot.

crazy sexy diet, etsy, kristin carr

Our friends came in town for the night (hi Sara!) which meant my first meal eating out during the cleanse. Honestly when I walked into the restaurant I was a little sad. After a long week I would of LOVED a huge glass of wine and some fish tacos. And I almost caved. Almost. But as luck would have it, our waiter had actually done the 21-day cleanse and gave me a pep talk. I mean seriously, what are the chances??!

He did his cleanse with his church and totally agreed that it was REALLY hard, but he felt amazing after it was complete.  Soooo because of his divine intervention I concocted a meal from the menu and made it out without straying from the cleanse!

And for that juicer/smoothie maker cliff hanger? Here are my choices:

For smoothies I’m purchasing the Nutribullet.

For juicing I purchased the Breville.

Why did I land on these two items? Because of a conversation with my juicing champion and cancer fighting friend Renae. She basically lives this cleanse (Portland hippie) :) and has been really helpful. Here are some of her comments in case you’re wondering:

Don’t buy the Magic Bullet. The NutriBullet is WAY better, but it’s still a smoothie maker and not a juicer. For a juicer, I love my Breville and got it on Amazon for around $140ish. Also, don’t heat your juices… sounds like you won’t because they are gross but the heat will also kill those enzymes that are so important.”

Also, there are two price points on the NutriBullet. If you get that, splurge for the more expensive one. Get one of those 20% coupons for Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it really cuts down the price. I think they are around $150 full price.”

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Lots of potty breaks (this is becoming a trend)
  • I need to drink more of my juices
  • Decreased caffeine effects weren’t as bad as Day Two.

How am I feeling at the end of day two?

Excited that I made it through three days! Onward to day four…

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Crazy Sexy Diet: Day Two

crazy sexy diet, etsy, kristin carr

Ahhhh day two of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse. Hi. Hello. I was feeling pretty good in the morning and not any differently from before I started the cleanse. I haven’t been hungry and finding food to eat has been easy because I’ve been prepared. I do have to say that I’m not a fan of the 30oz. Kickstarter drink that I need to drink every morning. This morning I heated it up on the stove thinking it would taste like tea, but not so much.

Anyhoo I got it down and followed it with another half-caffeinated coffee with no cream or sugar. Brag. I literally had to explain to the Barista why I was changing my order because she seemed concerned.

One big thing I realized this morning is that my blender isn’t cutting it (pun intended) on the smoothie front so it’s time for me to invest in a juicer.  Luckily there are a couple of pages on juicers in Crazy Sexy Diet, which helped me. And of course I annoyed everyone I know asking their opinions. Here are my top contenders. Stay tuned to this cliff hanger to find out what I bought.

Champion Juicer


Nutri Bullet

Magic Bullet

Around 4PM today I started getting really, really lethargic and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Unfortunately my children were not on-board for that as an afternoon activity so I opted for turning on a movie for them while I ‘rested with my eyes closed’ ahem. After my eyes were done resting, I had the energy to cook sliced tofu in some olive oil with a side of cleanse approved Tabbouleh. It was super yummo.

crazy sexy diet, kristin carr, etsy

Things I’ve noticed today:

  • Lots of potty breaks
  • I need to drink more of my juices
  • Sitting in a room full of coworkers eating Mexican food for lunch is maddening
  • Cutting down on caffeine is no bueno

How am I feeling at the end of day two? Tired and headache-y but not hungry. Onward to day three (which I hear is the hardest)…

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THROW BACK THURSDAY: I gave up something for Lent. And I’m Jewish.

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Yep, it’s already Thursday. The eve of Friday. One of the most awesome times of the week. So without further ado, I bring to you another one of my old-timey (2012) favorite posts….

I gave up something for Lent. And I’m Jewish.

What? Is that strange or something? Here’s the deal-I’m going to a beach wedding in about six weeks with one of my BFFs (can we say Spring Break 2012)! She’s Catholic. Me, not so much. In order to get our bodies beach ready to fit into matching mommy bathing suits, she proposed we both give up eating after 8PM for Lent. Gasp!


And just in case I don’t keep Lent (you know, since I’m Jewish), I’m going to invest in a full coverage beach towel from rouge and co. Awesome right?

By the way, does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get a full-coverage bathing suit besides Lands End? Thankyouverymuch.

drink koozie, personalized beach towel, monogrammed wares, etsy

drink koozie, personalized beach towel, monogrammed wares, etsy

drink koozie, personalized beach towel, monogrammed wares, etsy

Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse: Day One

So what is today? The day I began the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse.  I actually think the title is pretty misleading because it’s not meant to be a diet and it’s not a cleanse in the sense that you only drink crazy stuff for three weeks. Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse by Kris Carr is not a book about how to lose weight, it’s a book about how to eat. Yes, some lose weight during the 21 days, but that’s not the end all goal of the book or the cleanse.

Let me explain what Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet is all about.

The point of it is to remove acidifying foods from your body so that you create an environment that makes it impossible for free radicals to survive. Eh? In summary, you’re cleaning yourself. One thing that piqued my interest about this cleanse is that you’re not starving yourself or fasting (don’t take away my food!)

Kris Carr’s, the author and cancer survivor, main points are to greatly reduce, or eliminate, your consumption of animal products and gluten, eat less sugar, and munch on lots of vegetables. Because Carr is a realist, she knows that everyone is going to slip. And that’s OK because that’s life. You don’t need to cut anything out of your life completely, but stick with mostly veggies and you will do just fine. Being a vegetarian already, I truly believe this is something I can handle.
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Reasons Why I’m Trying The Cleanse:

(1) Test out the theory that eating gluten (excessively) is why I have a jiggly belly

(2) Better skin (you put the lotion on the skin)

(3) More energy

(4) Try out new recipes

(4) Challenge myself with something I’ve never done before

Day One: I easily started the day with eight ounces of water during my morning workout (Crossfit). Of course things then started getting tricky because I had a meeting at Starbucks (Ummm…no caffeine, sugar or dairy on the cleanse) but knowing that I have to ease into this situation of no caffeine, I ordered a half-caffeinated drink and put nothing in it. Not too bad. So here’s where I ran into an issue, I have to drink this KickStart drink in the morning before eating anything and it’s a whopping 30(ish) ounces. At this point I’ve already had water and coffee and it’s not even 9:30AM. But I did it. Woop!

crazy sexy diet cleanse, kristin carr

One of my coworkers brought in donuts today. Jerk.

My stomach started grumbling around 10:30AM so I had a snack and it was super yummy. The growling started again around noon so I took out the container of grilled veggies that I had brought from home only to discover it was actually a container of chicken for my children. FAIL. Big, fat fail.

A coworker felt pity on me (due to my awkward yelling at a container of chicken) and gave me a huge orange to hold me over (for about 5 minutes). As soon as I got home at 2:30PM I shoved my face full of a peanut bar slice of heaven that is approved for this cleanse and I immediately felt better (I’ve never met a peanut I didn’t get along with ;).

crazy sexy diet cleanse, etsy, kristin carr

Currently inside my refrigerator…

Dinner was super easy for me because I had leftover sweet potatoes and roasted veggies from the night before (yes, the veggies I didn’t get to eat for lunch).

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Lots of potty breaks
  • Drinking half-caff coffee isn’t so bad
  • Did I mention lots of potty breaks?

How am I feeling at the end of day one? Honestly I’m feeling pretty good. Onward to day two…
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Sooooooo I just walked into my house and found my cleaning lady with her top off.

This is a true story people. And this is all it how went down:

I walk into my house.

My cleaning lady is sitting on the couch folding laundry.

I can’t help but glance down at her overflowing bossom region.

I try to look away.

She stands up.

I can’t look away.

She’s wearing no shirt. There is only a VERY revealing bra covering her VERY big bossoms.

I seriously can’t look away. It’s physically impossible to speak. What do I do? Where do I look? I’m freaking out here people.

She starts apologizing and saying she was warm so she took her top off.

It’s April and 70 degrees outside. And she’s from Brazil.

I still can’t look away.

I slowly back toward the thermostat located approximately 10 steps from where she was sitting.

I have no idea what to do next so I do what normal person would do in this situation, I post it on Facebook. That post quickly receives more likes, shares and comments than anything else I’ve ever posted about in my life. And now I’d like to share with you my most favorite comments:

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this movie.
  • OMG!! Was she trying on your clothes or something or just hot?
  • I’m posting this to my wall. I’m not asking permission either. This is gold.
  • Bra status?
  • Was she playing Carly Simon’s Let the River Run or watching Working Girl? This is amazeballs.
  • We’re looking to hire a new cleaning lady, can you please email me her contact information.
  • This feels more like an Instagram moment to me.
  • How were the boobs?
  • This is exactly why God created the Internet.
  • That’s amazing. Would have been better if it was the pants not the top, but only to find out if she really is Brazilian.
  • I wonder what your cleaning lady’s FB status is?
  • How does the cleaning lady have plastic enhancement and we don’t?
  • Also: what music was she playing? And also, how were her abs?
  • This could be a great Seinfeld episode.
  • Will you just invite us all over? We all have a lot of questions and this is the best stuff any of us have heard in a long time. Or ever. We will all bring alcohol and food. We just all need clarity on this situation.
  • You win Facebook today. Or lose? Either way: thank you.

Happy, happy, joy, joy! April’s STITCH FIX review!


If you aren’t familiar, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service for us ladies. When you sign up, you can personalize your fixes to your style, size, clothing budget, and lifestyle (Do you work in an office? Do you work with baby spit all over you?) Then you’ll receive a package of 5 awesome pieces to try on at home (i.e. no awkward fitting room lighting).  What will this pieces consist of? Well, that’s up to you (and them). Let’s say you’re in desperate need of some spring dresses – just go to your profile and send a request for dresses that month. Or let’s say your ears are feeling naked, just ask for some jewelry to go along with those dresses.

stitch fix;, personal stylist; summer; summer outfits; summer fashion; summer dresses;


Each box comes with a style card that gives you tips on how each item can be worn. This is really helpful to me because sometimes I just stare at clothes not knowing what to wear them with (true story). Don’t like some of the items you got? Just keep what you like and send back the ones you don’t in the included prepaid postage bag.

There is a $20 styling fee that is applied to your order if you decide to keep any of the pieces. If you don’t keep anything, you don’t receive a refund of the fee. And if you keep all of the pieces, you get a 25% discount on everything!

Sooooo here is my April Fix (sorry to disappoint but I’m not into selfies :)

stitch fix;, personal stylist; summer; summer outfits; summer fashion; summer dresses;

I received three shirts, one pair of jeans and a bracelet. And guess what? I kept EVERYTHING in my fix!!!  I swear that these people must sneak into my room at night and measure me because it’s usually so freaking hard to find a pair of jeans that actually fit me. And to top it off, I’ve received so many compliments on the tops. If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, I highly suggest it. It’s super fun and makes me feel extra hip (and that’s no easy task).

stitch fix;, personal stylist; summer; summer outfits; summer fashion; summer dresses; stitch fix;, personal stylist; summer; summer outfits; summer fashion; summer dresses;

stitch fix;, personal stylist; summer; summer outfits; summer fashion; summer dresses;