THROWBACK THURSDAY: I’m thinking I have to try foot binding.


Yep, it’s already Thursday. The eve of Friday. One of the most awesome times of the week. My kids are still at Camp Grandma and Poppa, while we’re back at home being wild and crazy. Last night I cleaned out and organized the toy room. BRAG.

So without further ado, I bring you back to three summers ago…

I’m thinking I have to try foot binding.

You know, like in the book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan? Let’s just say my book club did a lot of Googling during the discussion of that book and what we found was not pretty. Not pretty at all. But, binding my feet may be necessary because my new Tory Burch shoes cut off my circulation yesterday. I’m thinking I need to get the next size up or cut off my big toe (which I’m almost willing to do to wear these shoes).

handmade slippers, felt slippers, etsy, etsy blog, onstail

While I rest my feet from their day of torture, I  wish I had a pair of these slippers from Onstail Etsy Shop. I actually featured this shop about a year ago, but I’m doing it again because I love it so much (and I’m hoping she’ll send me a pair for free – hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

handmade slippers, felt slippers, etsy, etsy blog, onstail


Of course I wouldn’t mind a free bag too. Man this is getting AWKWARD.

handmade slippers, felt slippers, etsy, etsy blog, onstail


By the way, I freaking love everything Tory Burch (even if the shoes require a little bit foot binding). Totally worth it, right?

etsy blog,,, tory burch sunglasses

etsy blog,,, tory burch shoes

I’m in one state and my kids are in another one. Brag.

I’m not making a metaphorical ‘state of mind’ reference. My kids are actually in a different state than me!  It’s the second annual Camp Grandma and Pappa going on right now, which means my husband and I are in Georgia while the kids are with them in South Carolina. It’s only the second day of our stay-cation but I’ve learned and accomplished so much already:

    • It only takes 10 minutes to clean out a refrigerator and freezer when no kids are there pulling food out and claiming they’re ‘saving their half-eaten popsicle from last month for later’.
Zoku Slow Pops, popsicle molds, summer 2014, summer activities with kids, etsy blog

Zoku Slow Pops

    • I don’t have to yell at my husband to sit down at the dinner table because he actually sits and eats without asking what’s for dessert. He’s good like that.
    •  When my boss asks if I can stay past 3PM for a meeting, I don’t have to call in 50 favors trying to figure out who can watch my kids.
    • We get to enjoy wine with dinner as opposed to whine. I’ll have seconds of that, thankyouverymuch.

etsy blog,, Acrylic Wine Tumblers, plastic wine cup

  • There’s enough time in the day to bring my car into the dealer so they can take off the driver-side panel to remove the wad of gum my kids somehow managed to stuff in there. The guy who inspected my car said he’s never seen anything like it. Awesome.
  • I had the opportunity to walk into a clothing store for no reason at all. I just walked around. By myself. And I never even peeked into the children’s department.
  • I have even MORE time do some Etsy stalking for items like these:
24K necklace, long gold chain, etsy blog,, Wild Air Co

24K Gold Edged Gray Druzy Necklace


Rope Bracelet, oliki,, etsy blog, Rhodochrosite Bracelet, Pink Bracelet, Boho Bracelet, Personalized Bracelet, Beaded Bracelet, Bridesmaid Bracelet

Rope Bracelet







Geometric Decorative Pillow, Modern Kids Pillows, Orange Teen Pillow, Nursery Pillow, Throw Pillow,, etsy, lovejoycreate

Geometric Decorative Pillow


Stay tuned for new developments over the coming week. I’m thinking of going to our neighborhood pool ALONE. I’ve lived in our house for six years and have yet to experience alone time at the pool. Cliff hanger, I know…


And the 4th of July sales keep coming…

Pow! Shazzam! (That’s me pretending to be fireworks.) Before I head outside for the day, I wanted to share some MORE awesome sales for the holiday weekend. And in case you missed all the deals I posted yesterday, check them out HERE!


Get 17.76% off your entire purchase with code: BOOM, at Crazy 8!


FREE shipping on all FitBits (I looovvve mine)

Daily Boutique Deals

Happy 4th! Happy Sales!

It’s time to celebrate your independence (and shop)! I hope everyone has a relaxing long weekend!!

This is it, Tea Collection’s Semi-Annual Sale is going all out and marking sale items down an additional 40% off starting today (7/3) and ending Monday (7/7). Sweet dresses, tees, onesies and more all filled with the rich colors and intricate patterns of faraway Morocco. Simply use the promo code: MORE40 when you checkout. Don’t wait, styles will sell out as the sale is almost over. Have fun shopping!

Everything is 40% off at Gymboree!
Gymboree Children's Clothing

I love me some ModCloth (especially when it’s 50% off)!


Yay for free crafts from Green Kid Crafts!


25% off of first purchases for new customers from Blurb!

THROW BACK THURSDAY: So I have a hot pink cast on my left leg.


Yep, it’s already Thursday. The eve of Friday. One of the most awesome times of the week. This week I’m bringing you waaaayyy back to last summer. This time last year I tore two ligaments in my ankle and spent the rest of the summer sporting a hot pink cast. Don’t be jealous. So without further ado, I bring you back to last summer.


Subtle color choice, right? I was going to get a white cast but I got swayed by the pink (sparkly things!)

Hot pink cast, etsy stalkers, etsy blog,, target

Cruising around Target in my hot pink cast


What happened, you ask?

[The not-so-real-story] Two villains trying to capture aliens + one super strong karate kick = two torn ligaments.

[The real story] Carpool line + heavy rains + wedges + dramatic fall to the ground = two torn ligaments.

The advantages I’ve found to wearing a cast so far (in no particular order):

· Prime parking

· A reason to drive one of those motorized vehicles around Target (and yes they beep loudly like a garbage truck when in reverse)

· A permission slip to skip the gym

· An excuse not to carry Taylor around all. of. the. time.

· The ability to actually walk like a zombie

If you happen to be stuck in a cast and are looking to bling out your foot, check these out:, etsy blog,, ORIGINAL SLIMLINE POST-OP MEDICAL SURGICAL SHOE CAST BOOT Etsy Blog

SHOE CAST BOOT, etsy blog,,  SHRINKins The Healing Art Removable Cast Covers, Etsy


I accidently stole something during community service day. AWKWARD.

This morning I participated in my company’s community service day so I could feel good about myself. I mean so I could give back to the community. Ahem.

It was actually a really cool place where a woman and her family (originally from Jamaica) help teach the community about farming and growing to provide easier access to fresh (and tropical) produce. And all of this happens in a part of town where you would least expect it (let’s just say it’s the opposite of where you would ever imagine finding a farm.)

Greek watermelon sweet seeds, magic greek garden, etsy blog

Greek Watermelon Seeds

Long story short, we went, we pulled weeds, we ate blackberries off a bush, I decided I should be living off the land, and then I walked away with this woman’s gardening gloves in my purse. SERIOUSLY.




Now I could pretend to all of you that I’m going to drive down there tomorrow and return them, but to be honest it’s too damn far. And frankly I’m going to need some  gardening gloves when I start living off the land.,, Women's Garden Gloves, living off the land, etsy blog

Women’s Gardening Gloves,, etsy blog, Corner Cascade Wooden Planter, living off the land, urban garden

Corner Cascade Wooden Planter

Radish Gardening Gloves, etsy blog,, gardens

Radish Gardening Gloves








garden tools, living off the land, etsy blog, gardening

Garden Tools


I screamed, “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you” to a truck of chickens this morning.

I’ve officially become a crazy vegetarian woman. This morning as I was driving to work I passed one of those huge trucks carrying a zillion crates stuffed with rows and rows of chickens. The whole thing made me really sad and reminded me of why I stopped eating meat in the first place. So I did what every normal girl does, I start pumping my fists in rage at the chicken truck driver while yelling at the chickens that I wouldn’t be the one to eat them.


 gardening planters gardening system, large planters, raised garden, strawberry, plant pots, condo, garden, planter, planters

Large garden planter

All of that sadness reminds me that I need to plant more veggies in my own yard. You know, start living off the land. Getting my hands dirty. Watering a flower or two instead of lazily doing a rain dance. What? Dancing is totally easier than turning on the spicket.

gardening planters gardening system, large planters, raised garden, strawberry, plant pots, condo, garden, planter, planters, Redwood Planter Boxes

Redwood Planter Boxes

P.S. Have I ever mentioned that my grandfather was a chicken butcher? Double AWKWARD.,, etsy blog; Large Vegetable Garden,

Large Vegetable Garden, 17 – Piece Set,, etsy blog, Raised Bed Double Garden Kit, Greenland Gardener

Raised Bed Double Garden Kit,, etsy blog, 6 Panel Tiered Resin Raised Garden Kit,

6 Panel Tiered Resin Raised Garden Kit

Brag, brag, brag. This is me bragging.

My kids ran their first race this weekend and it was freaking awesome. There was yelling and cheering and a lot of  ‘woo-hooing‘. We actually signed them up on a whim with our friend’s kids and as it turns out, our kids are runners:

My daughter ran an 11-minute mile!

My son finished 3rd place for his age group in the 5K!

PR Chalkboard, Race Bib,  Medal Holder, York Sign Shop, etsy blog,

PR Chalkboard Race Bib and Medal Holder

I’m pretty sure I’m about to be one of those moms who lives out her dreams through her kids. Just this morning I found myself Googling ‘running track for 7-year-olds.’ Too much too soon? Nah. I’m pretty sure both my babies will end up in the Olympics (or at least as alternates on the high school track team one day). Bring it!,, New Balance KJ750 Y Running Shoe, etsy blog

New Balance Running Shoe

Running Race Bib & Medal Display, etsy blog,

Running Race Bib & Medal Display

My love for summer camp didn’t skip a generation. Thank gawd.

I grew up going to summer camp. I would count down the school days until it arrived because they were my most favorite days of the year. And while my kids have gone to little camps in the past, this is the first year we’ve sent our son to a true traditional outdoor summer camp. Being the shy and somewhat reserved kid that he is, I was super nervous that he would come home miserable and unhappy.  Boy was I wrong to worry. I’ve never seen him so happy (as in he woke me up at 6:45 this morning asking if it’s time go to camp yet.)

Tree Note Cards; Notecards; Personalized Stationery; Summer Camp; Woodlands;  Forest; Camping; Pine Tree; Scouts; etsy blog

Personalized stationary for kids going to overnight camp.

It’s been just a few days and so far he’s: Canoed Climbed a rock wall

Rode a horse

Passed the deep water test

Gone down the water slide a zillion times

Made friends with a kid nicknamed Guacamole (he sounds delicious)

Cooked outdoors (again delicious)

Lost two water bottles (tomorrow he’s learning about the camp lost and found) And so much more to come…; etsy blog;; Deluxe Misting Fan; water bottle fan

Fan + Water bottle = awesomeness

I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited. And you know what makes me the happiest? They tire him out so much during the day that he passes out before 7PM every night (which gives me insight into why my parents sent me to camp every summer). Since I assume many of you are sending your kiddos to some sort of day or overnight camp, I’ve gone ahead and compiled your must-have list to get them, and you, through the summer:

Summer camp message pillow; etsy blog;; pillow for camp

Camp pillow!;; etsy blog; Letters from Camp Mad Libs; summer 2014; summer camp;

Mad Libs never gets old. Ever.

Mabels labels; summer camp; summer camp labels; etsy blog;

I love a good package of labels.

summer camp; Kids Personalized Little Brown Reusable Canvas Lunch; snack bag;  personalized camp bag; etsy blog

Reusable lunch bag


Crazy 8; summer camp; crazy 8 discount code; summer 2014; kids clothes; etsy blog;

Kids need clothes too.

etsy blog; SUMMER CAMP BAG; Drawstring Duffle; Rainbow Colors; Chevron and Polka Dots;; urban creative

Cute summer camp bag.